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Cloth Boots !?!

Posted by revenants on October 5, 2007

Battle with the Magolemus

Battle! Engaging the Magolemus, Lavastorm for Saving Soles HQ…(note Kruelahs Undead tide rising up in the background)

It was time to finally finish the HQ, Saving Soles.  The next step was the Magolemus an epic x2 50^^^ just outside the gates to Sols Eye, Lavastorm.  Obviously Killzum and Morriana were joined by my good friend Daltieri and his annoyingly charming voice, but also there were a couple more additions. My wife brought her 70 Necromancer, Kruelah Von’Krypt and another good friend of ours brought his Monk, Dwendalyn.  Of course with all three of the 70’s not mentoring down The Magolemus proved to be no trouble at all and went down like a sack of spuds. Even though both Dal and Morriana have passed 55 (..grats on 56 btw Dal…grrr, you beat me!) and do not have to be mentored, Daltieri and I decided to mentor Killzum down for the rest of the quest to see if we could complete it with just the three of us (Dwen and Kru moved on after the Magolemus, normal adventuring being below their lofty heroics!..).

So mentored and invised we went about the painful process of wandering around the zone re-activating the spires we de-activated earlier (I wish these quest givers would make up their minds!).  This is pretty much just a wander around the zone, but with Killzum mentoring we had a fair few battles on the way.  At one point we had to do a bit of Epicx4 drake dodging as the ring event was up for Sol’s Fist (I think that’s what it is called). But we all got round safe…until Killzum decided to do a bit of high speed lava dodging…forgetting Morriana was on follow. Yes, she died. We laughed. Daltieri laughed harder at my misfortune (your stupidity-Ed). So good ole Dal ran to the fourth spire re-activated it, then gave Morriana CoH so she could get it also.

After the long trek and fighting as we went, I would say a good hour had passed on this particular part of the quest.  Things were now looking up though. We only had to talk to the Effreeti Tazgar in the Temple and we were set for the last part in the Bastion of Flames…………. Or so we thought. Now here’s the thing. When Morriana was given CoH and clicked the spire to re-activate it, it seems I might not have clicked it properly or missed the clikky box, or something. One thing is for sure though, we were standing next to the Effreeti and, err hang on a minute! Morriana still needed to deactivate the fourth spire.  So Daltieri was left giggling in the Temple and Killzum and Morriana headed back to get the update, which I finally and sheepishly got. I could have sworn I heard the crawlers that were surrounding the base of the spire mutter to one another “I’ve seen her before”.

Back at the Effreeti and we all got our updates to move on back into Soluseks Eye and therein the Bastion of Flames instance.  Now I have done this instance before. A long long long time ago. Could I remember how to do it? No, of course I couldn’t. Did I admit that to Daltieri. No, of course I didn’t. After a quick battle to the room where the Bastion is situated (think its on the fifth floor of the dungeon) we zoned in to the instance.  So here is how it works.  You are in a small circular room with a circular platform in the middle with a button on. All round the edge of the platform is a ring of lava. Above this ring of lava are 4 mini platforms. When you click the button on the middle platform, 4 bottles appear on the mini platforms. Every time you click one of the bottles a mob appears. You have to stand on the middle platform and move at all as you fight the mob.  The reason? Well as you are fighting the mob the lava starts to rise, and if you aren’t on the rise in the middle of the centre platform and you move about, you get fried. So…what did we do. Yes, you’ve guessed it, we stood on one of the small platforms and watched as we were engulfed by the lava. No one managed to get to the centre platform and safety, so we all died. 

 An hour later after fighting our way back, we tried again. This time everything went smoothly and we got our update from the Djinn master in there.  A short hop to The Temple again and we got our rewards!  Now I was under the impression (obviously the wrong one-Ed) that boots dropped from HQs automatically changed to the type of armour that your character can wear. Well, I was wrong. The Golden Effreeti Boots are in fact cloth and that’s that! So I was a little dissapointed by that, but only had myself to blame for not researching it properly. The status for the guild was nice though. 

I don’t think I will be returning to Lavastorm anytime soon. I have just about had my fill of that place. Stunning in a visual way with all the heat distortion and lava bubbling up everywhere the zone is not bad. It’s just a pain to get around anywhere and as I have said before, the gloomyness depresses me.  

One thing I didn’t mention, that definitely needs comment is the fact that our troubled night with Lava deaths , clikkys not clicked, rising lava etc…was not helped at all by what appeared to be Daltieris amazing knack for pulling mobs when neither of us were paying attention.  Of particular note was the dubious mistake of pulling the mobs around Tazgar the Effreeti.  Just when my computer froze and poor old Dal was left to fend for himself as Killzum and Morriana danced around LD land. Luckily the freeze corrected itself and we managed to pull through by the skin of our teeth. Top job Dal! ~wink~

To be fair though, even with Killzum mentored down from 70, we wouldn’t have got far without Dal’s amazing DPS which saved the day many a time.  My key phrase for the night before pulling was “Are you ready for this?” (cue music-Ed)..and it seems Daltieri was more than ready and usually went about destroying the mobs with ease and aplomb.

A quick congratulations to Morriana who eventually made 56 (whislt I am writing this Dal is at home, online and levelling!! arrgghh, will I ever catch up?).

Finally, thanks to those that helped. Kruelah and Dwendalyn for your help with Magolemus, and Ddrow who turned up just a little to late to help with the fight, but whose company is always welcome. Cheers guys. A huge thanks also to Daltieri. It is always a great pleasure adventuring with you mate.

Before Magolemus

Daltieri, Killzum, Dwendalyn, Morriana and Kruelah. Before Magolemus.


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