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Posted by revenants on December 11, 2007

Karnors Castle

Shadowraethe has been pottering around Karnors Castle fairly regularly. 


Since my last post, we have had a traitor to the Revenants cause!  That’s right Shadowraethe has defected and joined another guild. “Why?” I hear you scream, “The travesty of it all!”…OK, so maybe you’re not that interested, but I am going to explain why anyhow.


Since Shahlai left The Elven Blades due to my waning interest in raiding, all of my toons have been firmly ensconced in Revenants.  I was quite happy with things that way, and things were moving along nicely.  However, I have recently been playing a lot with the usual crew and they seem to have all experienced  a strange gravitational pull to the Order of the Black Hand guild. 

The reasons for this are a few, but the main ones are that my wife Emarald joined the guild, as our very good friend Hadyn persuaded her to. Ever since she has been having a ball and loving it over there.  Now wherever Ema goes, there are a small tribe of her errr… ‘hand maidens’ who seem to follow Ema everywhere. Some of these are in my regular hunting group. Then a couple of my best buds in RL joined the guild (Konador and Takoul {Daltieri}). So it eventually seemed that most of my regular group were all cosseted in the warm embrace of a Black Hand (You don’t half talk some rubbish – Ed).


So when I sit down to log in a few nights ago and my wife tells me that Hadyn has constantly been asking her to get me to join the guild. She promised him that she would try, even suggesting a few ways that she would try to entice me over ( I won’t even ask! – Ed). The thing is all she had to do was ask. Yes, I would have been more than happy to keep all of my toons in Revenants. I still have a general feeling of..meh…whenever anyone tries to get me to raid. But when a whole bunch of RL and in game friends that you have known for most of your life have made the move, then you are asked also, it’s not such a hard decision to make.


Now Revenants will continue on as Shadowraethe is the only one I have removed from there and in to OBH. For the foreseeable future though it seems that as I am spending a lot of time playing Shadow, that Revenants is going to be slightly neglected.


Now I think one of the reasons that Hadyn wanted me in the guild is that we hunt together a lot anyhow and have a lot of fun. However, I have the feeling his long term plans are to build a raid force.  With my hiatus from the raid scene and my apathy towards it, I am not sure how I feel about this.  I wouldn’t ever agree to do something I don’t want to do (unless Ema wills it – Ed) but I have the distinct feeling that with Hadyn and OBH, when I am asked to raid, of course I will help out and gladly. If for no other reason that I respect and like Hadyn so much. 

I left Elven Blades because although they were a casual raid guild with no raid attendance policy, they were getting more and more raid focused, which is no surprise when looking at the content they were cracking on with at a very nice rate.  At that time I felt guilty when everyone was being a team player and pulling their weight, and I wasn’t. Not that anyone there ever moaned at me about that. In fact they were more supportive of that decision than I could have hoped for.  Problem was that because I wasn’t attending these events, I found it hard to integrate in with the rest of the folks there, which is a shame as they all seemed really great.


Now I wouldn’t have that problem with OBH as I already know a good number of them and like I said, some I have known for most of my 30 years (30+ ye old git – Ed). So the feeling of awkwardness would probably not be present. Would this mean I will start enjoying raiding again as the banter and cosy feeling of ‘home’ is already there? Or will I find that my main problem is with the raiding itself ( I really do hate the waiting around).


I guess at the end of the day I will just have to wait and see what happens.  I do know for sure though, that being surrounded by such a great bunch if I made the decision not to raid, it would be respected and not challenged. I would also probably not have that guilty ‘not a team player’ feel as we do a hell of a lot together just grouping, duo’ing etc etc. Time will tell.  For the moment Shadowreathe is extremely happy to be amongst friends and I am loving my time in OBH even though I used to group with those folks all the time anyhow.


It’s nice to feel part of a family sometimes and being surrounded every time I log on with good friends from both in game and RL, EQ2 for Shadow at the moment is bliss. Oh and yes, she will still be carrying out the weekly Expose. Later this week, we will hopefully taking a look at either Konador or (his alt) Hurakahn.


Thanks to Order of the Black Hand for making me welcome.




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