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Stinky Swamp..

Posted by revenants on November 8, 2007


The Feerrott (s) and Bouncer Hurd muscling in! 


The Feerrott. Even the name creates an aura of dark mystery. Without even visiting the place you have an image of a stinky jungle/swamp. Not surprising really when most of us read the title as Fear- Rott.

It’s time for the zone review again. Over at SoE they have invited the community to once again give their guides and comments on the selected area. As usual, I am going to travel back in time (you told me you had lost that ability! – Ed) and give my impressions, memories of the old EQ original zone and compare it to the new.


The Feerrott was one of those zones that I rarely visited simply for its own content.  It was a corridor to get to Cazic Thule and Rathe…a place to dodge bouncers.  I guess I did spend a bit of time there hitting the temples (huts) around the Cazic entrance trying to get the Ravenscale Armour that used to drop of the mobs there as a rare. Lizardscale was the common drop. That was probably the most time spent in the zone to be honest, and that was to help a friend out.  So what do I remember about the zone?


After being spoilt with nice open zones like the Commons, the Deserts, Mountains etc etc…I must say I was pretty scared every time I was required to run across The Feerrott, because of the enclosed dark and dingy feel. I really did feel (originally) that I was running round a jungle and yes until I hit the river I was usually hopelessly lost. I would even go as far as to say before I got my navigation down, I felt pretty claustrophobic in this zone as a noob. Kinda the same feeling I got when negotiating Kithicor.  That was one reason why I felt a little apprehensive whilst running around The Feerrott but mainly it was because of the Bouncers. Until I had met them, I don’t think I had met a meaner, faster, tougher mob and the worst of them all was indeed Bouncer Hurd (as suggested in EQAtlas). I have to say it really was a pleasure to give him a right bashing in EQ2’s Feerrott whilst doing the Stein of Moggok HQ. Revenge did indeed taste sweet.


So yet again another zone that really was pretty much a by word for ‘I’m omw’. Another zone I spent most time in when I was travelling to somewhere else.  That has happened a fair bit now, with the zones SoE want reviewed. When I think back at the ‘old’ zone, it didn’t really mean that much to me. Maybe soon they will ask for a zone that correlates to an old EQ zone that I have plenty of play-time in.


What does strike me looking at the maps and comparing them, is again how small the old zone is compared to the new, and the HUGE amount of extra content the new zone holds.  Not only that they have turned it in to a much more demanding, visceral, sensual, mob / quest full zone, but they have made it a place to visit in itself.  I hunted in the new Feerrott before I went to Cazic Thule . I actually used the zone for some HQ’s and quests. The first time I entered The ‘old’ Feerrott was to travel through to get to Rathe (can’t for the life of me recall why!! I was way too low).  It seems the new might as well be a completely new zone and kin to its older brother in name only.  Nowadays I hardly ever visit The Feerrott, more due to being too high level than anything else. 


I can tell you one thing though..even though the new zone is far and away superior…I still hate them both.  Too cramped you see…I hate being enclosed. Gimme an open plain or a desert any day!


As for The Revenants, not much has been going on apart from writ bashing over the last couple of days. I am hoping to get some decent adventuring time tonight as my Dad is flying over to visit for the weekend, so my play time will virtually nil. Will be great seeing him though!


Oh, congratulations to Konador for 63 and Daltieri who is more than likely 67 by now. Well done guys.  You can tell you two are part time slackers or unemployed 😛


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A Storm in Lava Cup..

Posted by revenants on November 6, 2007


Lavastorm, Old and New. 


Lavastorm as it is now called. Lavastorm Mountains of old. Yes, it’s another one of my ‘old & new’ zone reviews.  You may recall some of my comments on the new zone back in this post..but today I’m going to be looking at the ‘old’ original Lavastorm Mountains, and comparing it with the new.


As you can see from above what started off as a fairly basic zone with mountains and valleys, some of the latter filled with Lava pits…ended up as the current zone we know and love (or loathe) with separate hunting areas and several instances, dungeons and a pretty impressive vista.  Obviously the new zone is much more pleasing to the eye, but I am not going to dwell on that as that is as it should be.


Memories of the zone…well I actually have plenty. Probably the most prevalent was my first regular excursions through the zone on my way to the dungeon of  Najena.  There was some Warrior item Udrath wanted from a mob in that particular dungeon, but I’m stumped if I can recall what that was.  What stuck with me was how nasty the zone could be for one of moderately low level.  If the wandering mobs didn’t get you, then more than likely I was going to be the victim at least once, of a laggy lava death.  The very first time I zoned in to LM, I was playing my 19th level Warrior and recall zoning in to a set of higher level toons duelling (think they were, or maybe they were just hanging around) next to the zone entrance. I checked my printed out map from EQ Atlas, to make sure I was headed in the right direction for Najena, then I set off backwards, watching the higher levels admiring their armour and in particular the Rangers bow. Only to find I was dead before I knew it, having stepped backwards in to some lava!  Yes, this is where my EQ Lava hatred began!  So I thought I would try again. This time I almost made it to the Najena cave entrance, but I aggro’ed and in a blind ‘run around like a headless chicken in panic’ moment, it ended very quickly with another swim in the lava.


Comparisons…well from what I can remember the old LM was more barren but the very basic premise of The Temple of Sol being at the top with Sol’s Eye and the main Lava pit has remained.  Obviously now though, one is required to travel a whole lot further to get to Sols Eye, if you haven’t already picked up the teleporter that is.  Later on when playing my Druid, I obviously visited the zone a fair amount due to the Druid rings there, and to fight the Shadowed Men (around level 30 I think), then later to go to Sol A and Sol B. Actually have some happy memories of my groups forming up outside the Sols in the tunnels overlooking the Lava Pit of Sols Eye and the mucking about we used to do…which inevitably ended up with at least one Lava death.  One thing that always struck me a little strange about the zone was the gypsies along the west wall with whom all good characters could trade with…and who do the evil toons have to sell/trade with…that’s right…the Druid at the portal??!!?? Of course we all know the famously wonderful relationship druids have with Evil in Norrath right…*sigh*.


Overall LM was another zone that I didn’t spend a huge amount of time in..but funnily enough my most prevalent memories of the zone are the same as the current one…Oh look, there’s another place I fell in the lava..


On a completely separate note, Killzum tanked The Vaults last night in a bid to try and get Buckleton his Brigand class hat from there.  Was a load of fun and was joined by Emarald, Ysabella, Takoul, Bloodymary and Incendio.  No great problems at all throughout the zone, until we got to the end and the last named only dropped a Treasure Chest. Sometimes that’s how it is though. I think I was still spoilt from my run through Acadechism the other night where nearly every other drop, even off the trash mobs, seemed to be Ornate and even a couple of Exquisites from trash too.  So getting a Treasured from the last named cheesed me off a bit.  Yes, I am more than aware ‘greed’ is one of the Seven Deadly sins, LoL.


To finish the night off Morriana got together with Konador and they knocked out a couple of sets of sentry writs.  The effort we are both putting in to the 60 to 64 Sentry Writs is quite impressive and Revenants are already well on our way to getting our next guild level…watch this space…


Kon reckons GL60 before long, haha..Yeah, sure.






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Oooosh, anyone else a bit chilly?

Posted by revenants on October 17, 2007

I was checking out the EQ2 Players webby today and noticed their latest zone review request is listed, encouraging the community to do a review of the zone of Everfrost.  Well, I’m going to do something a little different as I am sure a whole lot will be letting SoE know their views on the zone and submitting a review.  What I aim to do, is everytime SoE ask for a zone review on a specific zone I am going to give a review of my memories and experiences of the ‘old norrathian zones’ – if a direct correlation exists of course.  In this case one does!  Obviously Everfrost was originally a zone just off Halas and Blackburrow.  For those struggling to recall the layout…

Everfrost EQ1

 So what was the zone like? Well, the very first time I ever ventured to Everfrost was when a friend had a created a Barbarian Shaman.  From what I recall Udrath my Dwarvern Warrior was only about level 12 or 13 and just getting across Norrath from Freeport was somewhat of a challenge. At the time I couldn’t quite believe the distance I had to run on my stumpy little legs and I started to get an appreciation as to how large Norrath actually was.  I hadn’t even been to Qeynos at that point.  Zoning in from Blackburrow you are first met with the fairly restricted view of the chasms that populated the area North of BB and head all the way towards Halas.  I can recall my frustration as I kept getting lost in the gullies and chasms that seemed to always guide me to the open area to the east. 

After meeting up with my friend, we decided to do some hunting and headed out in to the plains.  From what I can recall we didn’t head that far out as the mobs were generally too tough for us the closer we got to the frozen river.  Later on in levels I remember quite clearly camping the temple (#9 on map) and hunting Redwind.  I spent a fair amount of time there on my Druid kiting and having fun.  Overall, because of it’s remote location I didn’t use Everfrost too much. As such I am trying to recall what parts of the old Everfrost resemble the new..and I am coming up with a complete blank.  Apart from the snow obviously.  I do recall a mob or two that can be found in both, such as Karg Icebear and Miragul (The Menagerie guy), but aside from that I am struggling to recall any resemblance.  Which is strange as in other EQ2 zones the tribute to EQ1 is quite apparent..just look at Unrest..almost a carbon copy.  From what I remember though my times in Everfrost were happy, just not memorable with clarity. I wonder what that says about the zone?  I mean looking at other zones in EQ1 I can remember everything about them. Maybe it was the small amount of time spent there?  It never did seem to be an over populated zone with very few hunting there as I recall.

Redwind at the Temple, Everfrost, Everquest.

Redwind at the Temple 

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