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Gallery (Adventure)

Epic Dragon, SoF

Skinny Dragon, Epic x2, SoF


The Shard of Fear

Emarald Green

Emarald Green, Warden

Courts Raid.

Morriana on Courts Raid. (apologies for poor ‘raid’ quality screeny)

The Gang heading in..

About to leave The Living Tombs.

Sajia, Rissstan, Sephreo, Ema, Bucky

Bridge, LT

The Bridge, The Living Tombs

Bucky jumps!

The Living Tombs. Buckleton taking the Leap

Daltieri Boxing

Daltieri, “Pud’em arrp”

Fighting the devourer.

Battling the Devourer.

The Den Gang

The Den Gang, Daltieri, Kruelah, Morriana, Ddrow (Majissa hiding) and Dwendalyn.

Kruelahs bats

Kruelahs Bats…’The Den’

Shadoraethe and Nightshade pet

Shadowraethe (in ratty form) and her Nightshade pet, Tenebrous Tangle

I winz teh interwebz

I winz teh interwebz!

Daltieri presents his Staff

Daltieri presents his Staff (of the Observers) for inspection.


Kruelah Von’Krypt

Udrath Stormheart

New and Improved? Udrath Stromheart.

Dwimmerlaik and Shadowraethe

Dwimmerlaik (no, not Killzum) and Shadowraethe

Killzum , den of the Devourer

Killzum way back when. Ready for the the Den.

(Kruelah in the background on the left)


Shadowraethe and pet…sittin at the dock of the bay.

Morrianas new Duds

Morriana tries some new the name of fashion of course!



Elania..oooarrhh, where's me Tractor?

Elania….ooooaaarhhhh, where’s me tractor?

Shadowraethe in Unrest

Shadowraethe in Unrest

Strange reflection

A Strange Reflection, Temple Grounds, T.T

Killzum escapes!

Killzum escapes captivity at the hand of the Rujarkian Orcs


Tarinax, Deathtoll.

Morriana in Nektropos Castle

Morriana in Nektropos Castle.

Morriana in Nek castle

Morriana, Nektropos Castle.

Buckleton confused

Buckleton confused by Garby the Gigglegibber Goblin.

Buckleton Rides!

Buckleton Rides!

The Gang, Sols Eye

Morriana, Killzum, Daltieri and pet. Sol Eye.


Morriana and Killzum face the Magolemus, Lavastorm.

Slain magolemus

The Magolemus, slain. (left to right) Dwendalyn, Kruelah, Killzum, Daltieri and Morriana.

The gang

Dal’s Pet, Daltieri, Killzum, Dwendalyn, Morriana, Kruelah and pet.


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