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4 Responses to “Guestbook”

  1. Hi guys,
    The site looks pretty cool and I really like that you have the Heritage quest links up at the top, thank you for that. Is Revenants the name of your guild in EQ2? As you know, I’m fairly new and looking for a home for our band of travelers.
    Keep up the great work and I look forward to more stories about the game.

  2. revenants said

    Hi There 🙂

    Thanks for that! Appreciate the kind words.

    Yes, Revenants is my guild in EQ2 on the Antonia Bayle Server. It is the remanants of what was going to be a ressurection of my first guild when the game went live back in 2004. they were called the watchers and my brother and I ran it. We decided to start over again afetr a 2 year hiatus and now I am the only one left playing the game! So it is a small guild mainly filled with my alts!!

    Having said that, although we don’t actively recruit all are welcome to join us!

    If you want to jump on the band wagon then no worries. No commitment, if ye do decide to and decide to move on later to bigger and better things that would be cool also. For some we are a little too small 🙂

    Thanks again BW! And likewise..keep up the fun posts on BrackishWaters ~wave~

  3. Daltieri said

    I will win sir!

  4. revenants said

    You are winning! And that’s just not Cricket Sir!!!

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