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Nothing to Do? …Immerse yourself in tier 6.

Posted by revenants on November 5, 2007

 Fist fighting

Minotaur Pugelism. Konador,  Buckleton & Daltieri get down and dirty.


It seems like it has been one hell of a hectic week here.  The reason I have no updated the posts yet?  My friends and I are currently at that great period where all of a sudden it seems that loads of our toons are all around the same level. This means that pretty much every spare moment of computer access tends to end up with me logging in to Ventrilo to shouts of  “Come on we need you!”, and getting absolutely no time to do anything else.  Of course…not that I minded!  We have had a riot pretty much all week. Every day.  You see this week we have all been lucky enough to be off work for most of the time..I dread to think how many hours collectively we have spent online.  The figures must be mind boggling.


Guild Level 23


So, what was achieved with this goodly amount of online time? Well, breaking it down very basically..Revenants hit guild level 23, Morriana hit 62, Buckleton 55, AA’s galore (still no-one at 100 though – Ed), Konador (guildie) romped from 52 through to 60 in just 4 days and also assisted Bucky and Daltieri in some Minotaur fist fighting, endless dungeoneering for all of us, SoS, Vaults, Ancient’s Table, Nest, Breeding Grounds, Writs, MoM, CoI, Klak, Basket and Box quests from Hidden Refuge, some in house duels, Acadechism, Den of the Devourer, OOB, Ivy Shrouded Orb of Tunare (first 4 quests completed) and of course more SoS!


Out of that huge amount of online achievement, what shall I talk about? What shall we discuss?  One of the things that I seem to have become a bit of a victim of this week, (which is unusual as I never really seem to have too many problems in this department) is the struggle to find interesting things to do. Did I mind? No, not one bit and I’ll tell you why later….  I honestly do think the problem is indicative of how many players experience and view the ‘50’s’.  A lot of my friends and acquaintances seem to think that from 50 to 60 is a terrible grind and that’s that! Thing is though, I hate to burst your bubble but there is simply a ton of stuff to do during any tier. Anything different and those that complain about this simply aren’t looking hard enough.  Let’s take the dreaded 50 to 60 dash.  I may be all on my own here, but this appears to me to be the most complained about tier…..and I have no idea why. This is the first tier where we had updated content and new zones in the form of Desert of Flames. So lets take a look at just a sprinkling…Quests…The whole Peacock Club line, guaranteed to keep you busy. Carpet Quests, a must for those without twinked transport, the whole Ashen Order/Disciples questlines, Courts quests and factions, bug zapping…all to name but a few.  So, plenty of quests..what about interesting zones? SS, Maj’Dul and PoF themselves..all very good zones for quests and hunting. Clefts, Shimmering Citadel, Living Tombs, Silent City to name but a few. Then there is always the Roost and The Ancient’s table. Poet’s Palace? Too right, all great great fun and xp. 


But you know what?  That’s not it! Much of the early part of the Kingdom of Sky expansion is do-able with a group of higher level 50’s especially if you manage to wheedle your way in to a Breeding Grounds group or the like.  I am not even going to get started on the quests available in T.T…way too many to mention, but think Baskets and Boxes then move on from there.


So, if there is so much to do, how come I became a victim of this phenomenon? Thing is I wasn’t alone.  If you recall I mentioned that I have spent most of the week getting dragged round by my friends and have had a fantastic time doing it.  Problem with that is though, that even though we are all very good friends both in real and game life, we are all separate entities and as such wanted to do different things at different times. So there have been times this week where we’ve all stood round wondering what to do, some complaining about the 50 to 60 run, getting frustrated.  Good thing is though, because of the plethora of good stuff to get involved in it never took us long to find something new and move on. That’s the problem when grouped you see, even with friends..we all have our own agenda and sometimes we aren’t going to be able to agree on what to do.  We are Human, and our attention spans all differ. We could have sat round and complained about the supposed ‘lack of content’ all day….but instead we got off our arses and decided to go check some out.  And you know what..….we hardly scratched the surface of content available..oh, and most importantly..we all had a really great time.


Poor content from 50 to 60?? ..a terrible grind??


Pish-Posh Sir! Immerse yourself in Tier 6!







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Betrayal, Crab Sticks & The Return of the King..

Posted by revenants on October 29, 2007


 Pirate Buckleton, the Brigand

Super super busy week for me folks!  Both in and out of game. Unfortunately this week my wife has been very poorly (she still managed to log on though eh? – Ed) with Bronchitus and as such some of my game time has been cut down being nursemaid / slave.  Not that I mind really, it’s always fun looking after those we love.  Get better soon hun.

In game..phew busy week…to name but a few things I have done since my last post…raided Crab, betrayed Buckleton to FP and a Brigand, basket quests, tanked a dynamite session in Breeding Grounds, a bit of harvesting, DoF instances with the uber-group, Village of Shin timeline, Court of Innovation, Sanctum of Scaleborn, Klak A’non, and writs.  Leaving the best until last…I finally met Brackishwater on Nektulos Docks! It was really great to see you! Always good to put a name to face, or a face to a…nvm, lol. I hope you got the feysteel cluster I sent you. Sorry it was late, I didn’t get around to sending it until a couple of days after we met. 

To top the weekend off tho, two of my mates returned to EQ2. One from Runnyeye server where they have been living for a few months and one back from retirement! Kaelkardan….welcome back buddy…glad to see you have returned to your roots !  I have known Kael only through game, but have known him for quite some time.  He is one of those guys that is golden, if I knew him in RL I just know we would all get on like a house on fire. Also good to see his better half great to see you folks back.  And one of the Stafford crew has returned to us from retirement!!  Close personal friend of mine and Daltieri since we were kids, the King Hurakahn – Konador has returned!   /kneel.  Awesome to have your godly tanking ways back amongst us buddy.

So the most fun thing this weekend..well it has to be Saturday evening. We all got together about 8pm and the group was Kondor tanking, Emarald healing, Sashka (Aurale) warding/healing, Buckleton & Daltieri dps’ing and Kaelgaiden on crowd control.  It’s always a guaranteed good night when the whole gang gets together.  We started off with a run through the Hidden Cache, which was a load of fun. Time to apologise to Konador, who I purposefully got killed by Mullok during an extended AFK he took. Sorry mate, I just couldn’t resist it. The funniest part was the inquisition that was held on his return to finding Konador eating the dirt and the rest of us just standing around innocently.  We followed up with a run into The Sanctorium which was a bit of a wash out, as we couldn’t work out how to get the last mob active. Always fun dodging epic x4 mobs though. From there we headed to The Court of Innovation. In the advent of druid ports it was just a very short hop to Steamfont then on to the dungeon.  For this one Kael sat out and I two boxed Buckleton and Shadowraethe who mentored down.  Sods law that when we got to the end mob I had to rush off due to RL stuff and missed the opening of the ornate chest…which dropped a very nice one handed piercing that Bucky would have loved…oh well, you win some, lose some.  All in all an amazing night really.  Not just for the pleasure of hunting with a group that gels so well no one has to ask questions at all we all just know what each other are going to be doing, but for the hilarious company on ventrillo and in game.  The downtime enforced by uncontrollable laughter was at an all time high.  Thanks for a really great night all, it will go down as one of those MMO memories that is not easily forgotten.

So what else…well Shahlai took part in a mini, ad-hoc Elven Blades raid on the Crab in Village of Shin.  It only took a very short time, but as ever it was nice to hang out with Shahlai’s family at the Blades.  Crab went down second time of trying. the first time, I messed up as I was supposed to be calling the DPS over TeamSpeak and was pressing the wrong button to transmit so no one heard a thing..consequently DPS went way too high and we wiped to the adds.  A valiant effort though as we very nearly did it even so.  Second pull was a lot better as I finally got my act together and the DPS stayed perfectly hovering around 3.2k… the Crab was turned into crab sticks in short order.

Lastly Buckleton decided that it was time to get to know his ‘bad self’ and the betrayal to Freeport and the journey to becoming a Brigand began.  On my various toons I have done the betrayal quests about 5 or 6 times now.  I have betrayed from Freeport to Qeynos, Qeynos to Freeport and Neriak to Qeynos.  never done the Kelethin ones though or betrayed to Neriak.  One thing I can say though, is wow…tedious!  The parts of any of the betrayal quests where you are questing to leave the city, or gaining your citizenship are usually quite good fun. It’s that bit in the middle when you are doing the faction quests so your new city will accept you and give you the citizenship quests.  I find it very monotonous.  Now I am not going to moan too much about it though. I did do the original betrayal quest back in the day and I can still recall the pain of it.  The new ones compared, are a walk in the park.  So Buckleton is now a Brigand sitting at 53rd level. He is only equiped with adept 1’s, as buying a whole new load of adept IIIs was not financially any way..phew even just buying adept1s it cost me a fortune!  He has taken up residence in Stonestair Byway, which is appropriate seeing as he is Kerran and I didn’t want to fork out anymore cash than I had too following the adept expense.  Reasons…I have already been asked a few times why I decided to move from swashy to Brig as Swashies do seem to dish out more DPS.  Well that is part of the problem. My main toon has always been Shahlai. She was the first toon I stuck with and the first to 70. She is just pure DPS though and I wanted a little of something else. The Brigands debuffs and spells like Dispatch add that little extra something for me.  A different focus, and I can relax a little later on and not just chase a parse top slot.  Anyhow, Buckleton decided to celebrate by doing the Far Seas quests in Village of Shin to get a new bed for his hovel!

Finally, I would just like to make a quick comment about the zone review. I did say i would do an EQ1 memory session on each EQ2 zone they request…well the most recent is Nektulos Forest.  I can’t really do a review of the EQ1 zone and my memories there, as they consist of 3 levels at newbie log before I got bored of my dark Elf and using it as a highway to Lavastorm.  So apologies…I really haven’t any memories of the origianal Nek Forest worth mentioning.  It does highlight the difference between the old and new though. The new Nek forest in EQ2 is pretty much the same in name only…it far outweighs what was pretty much a corridor that was used to get to other places.

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Mayong… little minx!

Posted by revenants on October 24, 2007

Mayong..Tough Guy

Mayong Mistmoore…Tough Guy…wearing my Dads slippers.

Mistmoore Inner Sanctum. Sounds mysterious, no?  For most experienced raiders this zone is now probably old news.  But I have only been there a few times, so the mystery and excitement value is still there.  It was quite a long night really, with highs and lows as is usual when raiding. Lows…well, I got reminded of one of the reasons that I started to get ‘raid fatigue’…the waiting around…it drives me crazy!  Of course it cannot be avoided totally with the need to sometimes swap out toons for certain fights, or when someone has to go unexpectedly and we have to wait for a replacement.  It still doesn’t stop me going a little weird while we all stand around and wait. After making myself a nice cup of rosey-lea, smoking a cigarette I am usually starting to get twitchy.  It has been known for me to move my remote mouse and keyboard well out of my reach so I don’t do something stupid just because I am bored.  Last night I had an overwhelming urge to charge a Blood Collosus….naked. No, I have absolutely no idea why. Yes, this does make me a little strange. Like I said…sometimes while waiting around, I can get a little twitchy. 

Joking aside though, I think too many afks, or 20 minute pauses has a pretty big detrimental effect on the effectivness of the raid force.  Pretty much everyone gets a little bored. They lose concentration. If it is later on in the raid and people are getting tired, the afks seem to have a huge effect on the force as a whole in it’s ability to gel as one. Reaction times and awareness of the player suffer. The ironic thing is later on in the raid, the effects of long pauses get worse…which is typically when everyone needs to be on the ball and totally alert as the nameds typically get harder further in to most raid zones.

Last night as we got to waiting to attempt Mayong, our necro had to leave due to the lateness of the hour.  They disbanded from the raid but before they left the zone they stuck around handing out hearts at the request of a few raid members. Now the only problem was, in the mean time the gap in the raid that was left after their leaving was filled.  When our standby member zoned in…our Defiler got a message saying something along the lines of “You have exceeded the total amount of players allowed in this zone. You will be removed from the zone in 5 seconds”  And so our Defiler was kicked back into the castle before they any time to do anything about it.  Obviously with the lock-out timer in place, we were all more than a little cheesed off.  Some of us knew about this zone rule (I have had it happen to me in Unrest when someone invited another in to our zone to collect their SoD statue) but unfortunately due to afks etc, we didn’t catch the problem in time.  So, our Defiler was sitting outside MMiS, the raid force was dejected and pissed off. Enter GM Galatee…hero of the hour.  Now I was under the impression that GMs will never mess with zone timers..I was wrong. GM Galatee turned up after chatting to one of our raid members and all of a sudden..pop..our Defiler was back..bloody awesome!  A HUGE thank you to GM Galatee for your time and efforts.  You saved our skin!! 

Someone made a joke comment before GM Galatee left, saying “Now if only they can just stick around to help with Mayong”…oh how I wish they had.  We only tried four times due to the late hour, but Mayong pretty much pwned us from the start. I honestly reckon we could have done it. Our DPS was certainly high enough with an average of 26K +. So what was to blame? Personally I think it was what I was talking about earlier. Fatigue, loss of concentration and tiredness.  When everyone was fresh, we decimated all the other nameds absolutely no problem at all.  When we attempted Mayong, we had just been standing around for best part of 40 minutes.  Again , no ones fault. I guess these things just happen.  We are hoping to get him next week.  I cannot see any reason why we won’t…as long as we start a bit earlier, everyone is on time and we don’t have too much time standing around. 

So I mentioned the lows…the highs? GM Galatee saving our asses, spending time with a bunch of fantastic people, Shahlai (me) being raidwide parse leader up until the last three nameds (where I slipped to fifth overall), and plenty of very useful loot for our raid force.  I had a great time. Thank you to the Elven Blades, Shahlai’s guildmates for your amazing company, helping to rid me of a little bit of ‘raid fatigue’ and of course the fun. Thank you to GM Galatee (again) for surprising us all and sorting our zone timer problem.

See you next week Mayong.

Oh btw, congratulations to Daltieri on your 59th Level. Well done mate!

Mayong getting feisty

Mayong getting feisty…the little minx…with Shahlai’s furry ears in foreground !.

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The Warg Whisperer…

Posted by revenants on October 23, 2007

Warg Whisperer

Morriana an Killzum, The Cheese Factor

Quite a lot has happened since I last posted a few days ago. Morriana is now only 18% off 60, which I am getting really excited about.  The reason? Well, at 60 she will be able to pick up the ‘Sentry’ writs. Most probably know about this, but for those who don’t have a clue what I am talking about, here’s the low down.  At level 60 the city writ givers finally give out a set of 4 writs that can be completed by killing just one type of mob, Scaleborn Sentries in T.T.  This means a very quick turn around in getting the writs completed and a way to gain a huge amount of personal and guild status in a short amount of time. Revenants needs the status boost badly.  With the Guild sitting at level 22 for some time now I plan on doing the ‘Sentry Writs’ for some considerable time in a bid to get to Guild Level 30.  OK so it is going to monotonous but it will definitely be worth it in the long run.  The only problem is that the writs stop getting handed out at level 65, so I think I will do them until I get to around 62 and a half then will probably turn off my adventure exp.  It’s going to be a lot of hard work, but well worth it.  The only problem is that in the midst of all that Morriana needs to complete her Ivy Shrouded quest-line, as the quest giver in Lesser Fay won’t talk to her until she is 60th.  I may have to turn off exp whilst doing the quest, but of course it won’t stop me getting quest reward exp.  If it looks like giving me too much then I may have to put the quests off until after level 65.

Other things..hmm. Well as you can see from the picture at the top Morriana now has her very own puppy. Cute isn’t it?  When it came to deciding what colour / pattern type to buy there was of course no alternative but to get exactly what Killzum has got.  Just when you thought their image couldn’t get any cheesier (making up words now? – Ed).  In truth it is a bit of a Godsend really as Morriana was getting fed up floating around on her carpet like some Shahir from Maj’Dul. I mean come one…how’s a bit of carpeting supposed to support the weight of full plate armour!

Daltieri and Morriana got themselves on a Courts Raid at the weekend courtesy of my good friend Hadyn who was running things.  It was my first time there and I have to say I really enjoyed it.  Which is weird considering my recent fatigue with raiding.  I think what tipped the scales was the constant tells from Daltieri who was quite clearly inebriated and kept me entertained all night. I think the funniest was when a quite obviously young kid who was playing a Necro asked what an I.S.P was over ventrillo.  Daltieri had been quiet for some time until I received just three words from him in a tell “Intercontinetal Striking Penis”.  Yes I know it’s purile and childish but hey, I really couldn’t stop laughing. Things went downhill for us both from then on with countless tells with different meanings for ISP heading back and forth.  Several deaths in my group however brought me back from the brink of insanity and I had to start concentrating again.  Whilst I am on a ‘raid’ theme, I am supposed to be raiding MMiS tonight with Shahlai who is in The Elven Blades.  The guild leader specifically asked if I could go as they needed an assassin.  To be honest I am quite looking forward to it. I think my break from raiding is just what I needed to get rid of a bit of that ‘raid fatigue’ I have been experiencing. I’ll let you know how it goes.  It is just a shame Shahlai hasn’t quite finished her SoD questline..I really would like the Soulfire Sabre from Mayong.  It will come soon enough though.

To finish off I had probably the nicest surprise I have had in game for a long long time last night.  My wife was messing about in EFP doing whatever it is she does (I never ask!) when she shouts across to me slumped on the couch..”Malodius is on!”.  I was pretty excited. Malodius is a very good American friend of ours from across the pond but due to RL stresses hadn’t been able to log on for quite a few months. To say we both have missed him is an understatement. Sure we have occasionally spoken to him on the phone, but nothing quite competes with that ‘messing about with me buddies’ in EQ2 feel.  It was really really grand to see him again and we spent some time with him trying to catch him up to speed with what has been happening in game, such as the dressing room feature and appearance slots.  OMG I have just realised…I never mentioned anything about Legends of Norrath to him.  Anyhow, we are planning to do a whole days adventuring together soon and quite honestly I can’t wait.  We always seem to have a complete riot when Mally is about!

Mally, simply superb to have you back buddy.  I understand you still won’t be able to get on much…but I’ve had my Mally will keep me going for a while!

Malodius and Shahlai

Shahlai and Malodius, Freeport Guildhouse.


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Oooosh, anyone else a bit chilly?

Posted by revenants on October 17, 2007

I was checking out the EQ2 Players webby today and noticed their latest zone review request is listed, encouraging the community to do a review of the zone of Everfrost.  Well, I’m going to do something a little different as I am sure a whole lot will be letting SoE know their views on the zone and submitting a review.  What I aim to do, is everytime SoE ask for a zone review on a specific zone I am going to give a review of my memories and experiences of the ‘old norrathian zones’ – if a direct correlation exists of course.  In this case one does!  Obviously Everfrost was originally a zone just off Halas and Blackburrow.  For those struggling to recall the layout…

Everfrost EQ1

 So what was the zone like? Well, the very first time I ever ventured to Everfrost was when a friend had a created a Barbarian Shaman.  From what I recall Udrath my Dwarvern Warrior was only about level 12 or 13 and just getting across Norrath from Freeport was somewhat of a challenge. At the time I couldn’t quite believe the distance I had to run on my stumpy little legs and I started to get an appreciation as to how large Norrath actually was.  I hadn’t even been to Qeynos at that point.  Zoning in from Blackburrow you are first met with the fairly restricted view of the chasms that populated the area North of BB and head all the way towards Halas.  I can recall my frustration as I kept getting lost in the gullies and chasms that seemed to always guide me to the open area to the east. 

After meeting up with my friend, we decided to do some hunting and headed out in to the plains.  From what I can recall we didn’t head that far out as the mobs were generally too tough for us the closer we got to the frozen river.  Later on in levels I remember quite clearly camping the temple (#9 on map) and hunting Redwind.  I spent a fair amount of time there on my Druid kiting and having fun.  Overall, because of it’s remote location I didn’t use Everfrost too much. As such I am trying to recall what parts of the old Everfrost resemble the new..and I am coming up with a complete blank.  Apart from the snow obviously.  I do recall a mob or two that can be found in both, such as Karg Icebear and Miragul (The Menagerie guy), but aside from that I am struggling to recall any resemblance.  Which is strange as in other EQ2 zones the tribute to EQ1 is quite apparent..just look at Unrest..almost a carbon copy.  From what I remember though my times in Everfrost were happy, just not memorable with clarity. I wonder what that says about the zone?  I mean looking at other zones in EQ1 I can remember everything about them. Maybe it was the small amount of time spent there?  It never did seem to be an over populated zone with very few hunting there as I recall.

Redwind at the Temple, Everfrost, Everquest.

Redwind at the Temple 

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Catching the Band Wagon to Living Tombs.

Posted by revenants on October 16, 2007

First things first I’d like to jump on a bandwagon. I normally do not like to do things like that, but in this case I really do think it is warranted.  I’m talking about a couple of interesting pieces, initiated by Average Joe and then picked up by Clockwork Gamer.  Basically, they hit upon the fact that we grief SoE so much, but we tend to forget what the workers there have brought to us.  I really cannot express how much I agree with them. How often do all of us go to work, spend 8 to 12 hours slaving away, stressed beyond belief because we have hit problem after problem?  It’s not going to be any different for all those responsible for bringing us EQ2. They have families, lives, goals, dreams, and a working life.  It is because of these hardworking folks that I can finish work and go home to my stress relief,  the haven that they have created for us.  Without them or ‘it’ would my life be any worse off? In the long run probably not. But it does remind me of something I was told by a blind teenager once, who had been blind his whole life. I asked him if it made him unhappy, depressed. To which I got the reply with a big grin “Why would it dude? I have no idea what I’m missing”. Now obviously no where near that on the ‘important’ scale, but the theory is the same.  If I had never played an MMORPG, I of course would not miss it.  But because the staff who work at SoE work so tirelessly and relentlessly to bring us the gaming nirvana that is EQ2, now I have tasted it, I wouldn’t ever want to give that up.  And we have all those at SoE to thank.  Clockwork Gamer got it right with the quote they used.  I am sure we are all often appreciative of the game given to us, but without voicing that gratitude our appreciation is largely worthless.  So shout it loud and proud, stop complaining about the downtime, bugs, things about the game you don’t like and assist us all in laying a HUGE amount of thanks to ALL the staff at SoE who work so hard to bring us this world where we can escape. THANK YOU.

Living Tombs Gang

Outside the Silent City

(from left) Sajia, Rissstan, Wifey Arasai, Sephreo, Ysabella and Buckleton (in elf form)

 So, I jumped off the bandwagon just outside The Living Tombs.  Mmmm, The Living Tombs.  Even the name creates a little mystery.  I can imagine sitting down on the couch with my 5 year old daughter and when asking her what we are watching, she replies “Scooby Doo and The Living Tombs”. Sounds exciting?  If you have never been there (and I suspect a fairly large percentage have) then it doesn’t ever seem so busy as PoF, Clefts, Klak. But Living Tombs and the Silent City are all around the same level, and in some ways I feel create a much better atmosphere to get your ‘adventure’ on.

So my wife and a couple of friends were heading there and I haven’t been to Living Tombs for so long it was a chance I couldn’t miss.  As most of the group were in their early 50’s i decided it would be best if Buckleton joined the fun.  Sitting at 51st level for some time now it wouldn’t hurt to dust off his weapons and head off with the scent of adventure heady in his nose.  Joining us were a few I already know (my wifes Arasai a 52 Warden, and Ysabella- a 52 Swashy -Dwendalyns alt, and Sajia a 52 Illusionist -Ddrows alt) and two others I had never grouped with before.  It’s always a little touch and go when you get a few you don’t know joining a group who are experienced at playing together. You really never do know the quality of player you are going to adventuring with.  Normally, unless it causes constant death I am not bothered either way…as long as the players seem nice.  But with this group it looks like I was lucky enough to get the whole package.  They were a lot of fun and not one of them were bad at their class.  Jackpot!  I love it when a plan comes together (OK stop it now..that isn’t a bandwagon..thats just plain plagurism-Ed).  We had a 52 Shadowknight – Rissstan, and a 54 Coercer – Sephreo.  Both Rissstan and Sephreo were admirable in their abilities and with Rissstans tanking and Sephs mezz fun they both proved more than their worth.

When we zoned in it was discussed what we should do as a few had never been to LT before, and those of us that had, hadn’t been here for a very long time.  So I encouraged everyone to inspect Jinja the Monkey (who btw is probably the best behaved monkey I have ever met) and we all picked up the access quest for the Silent City, ‘Searching for the Silent City’.  Now the last time I had done this quest was over a year and a half ago. It may even have been longer.  But we all thought it was worth doing as we were all approaching the time when we could make good use of the Silent City.  I am pretty sure you don’t actually have to do the access quest anymore to get in to the Silent City, but I am one for doing things the old fashioned way. I like the fact that that I have to work to gain entrance to a dungeon. That way, the first time I zone in, I can sigh with satisfaction of a job well done. It gives me a sense of progression beyond watching the exp bar.

The quest went fairly smoothly really. The basis of it is that we needed to find the right incantations from the Priestess’s in the Living Tombs.  This of course means slaying them. There are three of them (Sul Priestess of the Fyr’Un – Ara Priestess of the Fyr’Un – Rin Priestess of the Fyr’Un) and each one can be found in a separate part of The Living Tombs.  The four parts are Trade Court, Residence Court, Priestess Court and Statue Court.  The three Priestesses can be spawned by completing the small ring events in each of the first three sections.  The third ring event can be a pain in the arse, with having to move an urn about to get a PH to spawn before the Priestess will even show her face. Luck was on our side though and when we arrived in Priestess Court, she was already spawned and waiting to die….which was nice. The last section Statue Court, is where you utter the incantation the Priestess used. This turns the large statue in the middle of the area into a bridge to cross and hence get access from the Tombs in to The Silent City. Clicking on the entrance to SC completes the quest.

 The biggest problem we had was me getting us lost.  As I said, it had been quite a while since I had been there, but like any man I found it hard to admit I didn’t have a clue where I was going.  The first Priestess went well (until my wife fell off the snakes head statue and we had to go get her and do it all again *grin*) and after venturing in to the tunnel to Residence Court I was kinda lost. All I could recall was that we had to climb a wall at some point.  From that point on, I was thanking my lucky stars that I use the UI mod Fetish Nightfall. The clickable icons next to my mini quest updater put me straight through to the relevant page on the ‘guide’ websites (either EQ2i or Allakazham) so the downtime whilst I found out what the hell we were supposed to be doing was minimal.  Even so, I have to thank everyone for their patience and also Rissstan for not just standing around while I checked, but for keeping the mobs and exp flowing nicely.

Perhaps the most memorable part of this quest is always the statue you have turn into a bridge to cross. It is always a gamble who is going to miss the jump (yes there is a small gap to traverse). This time it was myself and Sajia took the plunge. A quick consultation of the map on how to get back up to the bridge and we were off again. No worries on the second jump for myself. Sajia obviously decided that she needed another bath in the green goo as she took the plunge again! Oh how we laughed.

 Thanks again to everyone who needs thanking..

All at SoE for bringing us this beautiful game. Wifey, Ysabella (Dwen, Diangelo etc), Sajia (Ddrow), Risstan and last but most definitely not least..Sephreo…all for a great night fondly remembered.

NOTE:- I have added the screenshots of the main Guildhouse at 5 Erolissi Lane, SQ.  For more screenies of The Living Tombs please check out the Gallery (Adventure) page.

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The Week(end) that Was..

Posted by revenants on October 15, 2007

Den of the Devourer

 Daltieri goes batty in ‘The Den’, Kruelah, Morriana, Ddrow, Majissa and Dwendalyn

You will probably notice that during the weekend this blog doesn’t seem to get updated. Well there is a very good reason for this! I’m usually too busy playing EQ2 and doing normal family type things on Sat and Sun.  Updating the webby doesn’t usually get a look in at the weekends.

So if I have put in all these game hours..where were they spent? What did I get up to? Done some pretty fun stuff really. So let’s start at the beggining.  I spent a fair amount of time on both Killzum and Morriana and started the weekend off with Morrianas first trip to the Sanctum of Scaleborn.  It was a pretty good PUG that I managed to join and we did the normal run of the mill stuff. I started my Infiltrating the Sanctum questline and got the first one done and quite solidly working on the second.  I really need Morriana to get started on her Claymore line. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but it seems that if you leave starting this quest until it’s quite late on, the SoS part seems quite hard to get completed with it being tought o get specific Claymore groups.  So I plan on getting Morri sorted before she hits 60, then she can hopefully get her updates and progress the questline whilst she is exp’ing in there. Maybe Daltieri would like to join me in that venture?  It will be a lot easier to get the whole thing done if you wanna join in Dal *nudge*.  Hope you like the screenie of your Horde of Bats going off by the way Dal.  I thought it looked pretty impressive. Just a shame you and Kruelah’s warlock pet seem a little too cozy for the piccy.

Anyhow, after the SoS party broke up, I decided to go and do a bit of two boxing with Killzum and Morri at the Drednever Crashsite in Bonemire to complete a few quests and get some collection pages for The Big Bang Theory and Generations. Morri managed to get quite a few quests completed and picked up a LnL in the process.  I also managed to get the first part of Grizzfazzle’s quest done, which although a bit premature certainly paid off when I did a quick run through The Den of the Devourer on Sunday night with Daltieri, Kruelah, Dwendalyn, Majissa and Ddrow. Whilst I remember thanks to you guys from Dal and I for helping out and making the evening a fun one.  The upshot of that was that Morri got her Grizzfazzle’s Mace…but she can’t use it for 7 levels.  The guys also helped me with a run through ‘The Nest of the Great Egg’.  I don’t know about you folks, but I always get excited about doing a zone I have done many times before..on a completely new toon to the zone.  I guess it is in anticipation of the AA exp, loot etc.  On my mains they have so long ago updated 99% of their kit from Legendary to Fabled and have 99% of their masters, so re-doing zones like the Nest on those toons I feel is a bit boring. To me it is just killing time and not actually being around to achieve anything.  And I need that. When I log on I need a goal.

So, what else did I get up to this weekend?  I did so much I am having to delve deeply to dig the relevant info out of my alcohol fried brain (yes it was a heavy session of a weekend too).  With Buckleton I decided to give the third Bristlebane Deity questline a go.  It was quite a fun quest really. ‘Coin Job’ is given by that master of mirth Tobel Patadash on the EL docks.  The crux of the quest is that Tobel gives you a bag of chocolate coins and you are supposed to go and replace the Gigglegibber’s booty with the coins of choccy goodness. So he sends you off to the Gigglegibber Hideout. The entrance is like a round manhole cover underneath the water under the docks in EL. It is easily reachable without any sort of water breathing so no problems there.  Once inside it looks like a section from Runnyeye, and the idea is that you have to locate the vault. Some mobs can see through invis, some cannot. You know the ones that can as they obviously have the red line around their name.  If they see you though, they don’t actually attack you..they just kick you out of the hideout and you end up on EL docks again.  Anyhow, here is the trick to getting it done.  When you first zone in wait for the wanderer to back off down the corridor again the head left to the door. Open it but be ready to move back. If there is a mob by the door (that one will definitely see thru invis) chances are it won’t move in time for you to get in before the wanderer in the corridor comes ready to move right back up to the zone entrance to wat for another chance. Once the mob just inside the door is gone move in and right straight away. The mobs on the right against the wall cannot see thru invis. You will probably see the vaults by now at the far end. Just take your time and make sure the see invis mobs wander away before you skirt the right hand wall all the way to the vaults. The quest should now update.  You then need to move back to the corridor you came in. I got spotted and kicked out at this point so I obviously got to start from the entrance again.  This time you will need to find a piece of paper that is harvestable which has the combination for one of the vaults on it.  You find this by heading straight up the corridor this time.  Again, dodge the wanderer in your way by waiting until he heads to the door on the left by the entrance the run up the corridor.  At the top you will see another door, open it and step just inside (you will not get aggroed here).  Again you are going to need to head to the right. The piece of paper has a few spawn spots, and can be tough to find.  the golden rule here is that in general the mobs on the right again cannot see thru invis, so head right as soon as the way is clear.  You will see a mound of rubbish to the right which you can get behind, behind that is a scribes desk with a quill on it. This is where I found the paper. Obviously be careful and watch the paths of the see invis mobs and normal mobs, as when you harvest the item you appear.  After this you have to read the paper you harvested and thenhead back to the vault room.  On my way out I got spotted again and was thrown out. That made it fairly easy actually as I still had the update but was back at the start again to get to the vault.  I followed the same path on the right hand side all the way to the vault and replaced the Gigglegibbers real coins with the chocolate ones.  Clicking on the vault and updating this part does not get rid of your invis.  After that it was a case of heading back to Tobel, then to Garby then back to Tobel to end the quest.  I must admit I was kinda dissapointed.  On the other deity quests that I have done, on the third quest you get the deity pet as a reward.  Not so with Brisltebane. It must be one of his big jokes because you don’t get the pet until the last quest has been completed and you get the cloak and pet at the same time.  I have no idea why the Devs changed it for this deity..but they did.  All in all though, a pretty good fun quest. When Buckleton gets to his mid 60’s he will be able to pick up the next quest in the line..until then I guess he’ll just have to wait.

Killzum did a bit of mentoring in Klak Anon to help out my wife with her warden. I have to admit I am pretty much what i would class as an ‘average’ tank.  I am by no means good at playing a tank..just OK. I seem to manage enough to do the basic job, but when add after add keep joining I tend to lose aggro a afair amount.  The reason I mention this? Well, I HATE Klak for that very reason. With all those flying thingys it is a nightmare for someone of my average ability to tank.  The adds just seem to get too much.  Anyhow, we waited for ages to get things going then headed off to CoI for a bit of instance fun…that was soon quashed when one of our group memebers neglected to tell us they were still locked out.  I managed about an hour and a half of tanking there before getting too frustrated with the add situation and had to take my leave before my stress levels burst.  The only reason I lasted that long was the fun I always have when grouping with my wife.

Morrianas first run to SoS

Morriana and her first visit to the Sanctum of Scaleborn

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Bug Hunter..

Posted by revenants on October 10, 2007

I achieved absolutely nothing last night on-line.  It seemed that due to RL induced tiredness, I really didn’t trust myself to tank or heal for a group.  I logged on with Shahlai my Assassin for a bit and narrowly missed out on a SoD group heading into MMC.  Shame really as Shahlai has been stuck on that bit for a while. Would have been nice to get it done.  But it wasn’t to be, so I logged in with Killzum and met up with Daltieri in Qeynos Harbour.  The reason?  Well, I am not sure how we got on to the subject, but we started talking about bugs and strange in game experiences over Ventrillo, when it became apparent Daltieri had never ventured over the rooftops in QH to the hidden entrance to South Qeynos.  Never been there before? Have no idea what I am talking about? Check out the map below for instructions. There is even some sort of clubhouse behind there with a sign telling you to use the main entrance.  Why is it there? No idea. Probably just a part the Devs were going to use, but decided against it.

QH map.

There is little point to going there apart from experiencing a quirk of the game.  Well that occupied a few minutes only so after zoning in to South Qeynos (the hidden way..ooooo!)  I set off following Daltieri about in a bid to annoy him.  At one point he was contemplating a bit of guard bashing to salve the boredom, but soon gave up on that idea when considering his mortality.  So we just wandered around a bit.  Right in the Northern part of SQ there is a small walkway that runs parallel to the waterway there.  We came across a most unusual sight. Check out the screenie..

SQ strange occurence

The numbers show how many NPCs were hanging around, totally stationary, no movement, doing…nothing. A couple seemed to be so friendly with their neighbour that they were stood inside of each other (1-4, 6 & 7,  8-10). Obviously a bug as we stood there for quite a while and they did not move an inch.  It was weird and actually was quite reminiscent to me of a bunch of manikins left in an untidy mess at the back of a clothes store. Mebbe it’s where the devs store their extra NPCs in case of an NPC emergency?

Nothing much achieved then really for an hour and a half session. Was nice to catch up with Daltieri though.  Fop that he is!  Check out his new gear in the Gallery (Adventure) for a lesson in fashion, ‘slick’ stylee.  He could charm the birds outta the trees that one.

Oh, you may also have noticed Killzum’s new Surname “Warg’Wrestler”. Probably not going to be permanent. Just something silly he was trying on for size!

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Thanks for the Memories..

Posted by revenants on October 9, 2007

I was chatting to my brother the other week and we were discussing the finer points of EQ1. We both used to play on the Brell Serilis server, and started a week or so after the game was released.  Immediately we were both hooked and set about getting everyone we knew involved.  Funny thing is, most of my friends had already bought the game and were getting involved themselves!  The game hit table top roleplayers like a sledgehammer. After years of MUDs and dodgy above view RPG games (well not all Dodgy!) but certainly limited, here came a game that allowed you to be that character and see though their eyes. A chance to interact with a world of evolving, fluid fantasy that previously even when playing games like Baldurs Gate, required a modicum of imagination to put yourself actually in your characters shoes. No more, EQ was born and with it my obsession with MMORPGs.  Memories of those early days are some of my fondest gaming in this genre.  I decided to base my first character on my very first and long running AD&D character, a Dwarvern Warrior. Udrath Stormheart.  If I close my eyes I can still feel the atmosphere as I mentally explore the original Butcherblock Mountains.  It is very surprising that even today being four years since I last played EQ,  I can still pretty much recall every hill, path, monument, guard hut, pulling spot, roleplay session, pretty much everything from my first days in EQ. It had that great an effect on me as a gamer.

Strange thing is, I am not sure I could ever go back.  Yes, I have amazing memories of my first petrified run from Freeport to Rivervale to meet my brothers character, Merecraft Oakenheart. Fantasic funny memories of falling off the boat from BBM to Freeport and being unable to find safe land for two days! But I honestly think if I went back I would rejoice for a short amount of time as I revisited all my favourite haunts, then I am absolutely sure I would get bored. 

You see, EQ1 is like everything else in our past. As times goes by we tend to recall our memories of that time with great fondness. The things that pained and distressed us at the time become funny memories. Something to laugh about.  The two day camp in Befallen for the Paw of Oppola guy, only to have him stolen from me when he popped, as inevitably I was making a cup of tea at the time.  I can laugh about that now.  At the time I was totally gutted at the loss, the waste of my time and the fact if I wanted the damn thing I was going to have to do it all over again.  I never even attmpted the JBoots.  The nightmare stories had drifted down through the community until it reached my poor frightened ears.  It was a scary story parents used to tell their children when they were naughty.

I could go on all day about the things I miss, the things I don’t.  But I guess the point I am trying to make (too right you are trying…try floundering-Ed) is that EQ2 has progressed so much from the original game in graphic content, and the developers trying to get personally involved with the community, their ideas and needs to progress on to hugely improving the substance.  For example something simple that we tend to forget and take for granted…the thousands of real life voice overs for the NPCs. Things that make the whole world of Norrath hugely more accessible and most importantly ‘real’ to us.  I guess my expectations from an MMO have moved on in line with the development of the genre.  Returning to EQ now, although I still get pangs to do so, would be a mistake. One that would ruin my fond memories of a legendary game.  Things have changed way too much for the better for EQ to be anything but a massively immersive and happy memory.

So. How can I recapture some of that feel, some of the originality? How can I repeat the emotions and nostalgia? Well, obviously going back to EQ is not an option. EQ2 is where I am at right now.  So I have decided to recreate some of the past, and ressurect Udrath Stormheart and his finely crafted history.  I am not sure that I will spend much time playing him…but when I am feeling nostalgic, he is the toy I can bring out to play.

Udrath Stormheart

Udrath Stormheart. A blast from the past.

(Grumpy Old Git)

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Posted by revenants on October 8, 2007

 Killzum bashing some disciples

Killzum is quite often the centre of attention. Bashing some Ashen Disciples.

Well, the weekend saw some on and off gaming for me. At times it seemed that nothing was going my way and all there was for it was to log and go collapse in front of the TV. Others I seemed to drop in a good group and off we went. Had some productive sessions, with visits to Pillars of Flame and The Hidden Cache.

 In fact Killzum and Morriana spent a fair amount of time in the Pillars of Flame this weekend. You see, I am trying to get them both the ‘Jade Tiger’ title.  For those who do not know about this title (where have you been hiding?) it is issued to good aligned characters by the Ashen Order Monks in T’ranev in PoF.  For those who are of evil origin, the Ashen Disciples will give you a similar line of quests, but the end result is the title ‘Ebon Dragon’ instead.  Basically you go speak to the order of monks which you can follow (depending which faction you are) and they give you various tasks to complete to get your faction up. You need to get your faction to a full 50,000 and then you can speak to one of the head honcho monks to be given the title.  The only problem with some of the quests (think it is called ‘Serving the Order’), is that if you are attempting it grouped the quest gives out different requirements each time they give out the quest.  This means a lot of accepting and deleting the quest until you all have the same, or just running round and doing a huge amount of killing.  Killzum and Morriana opted for the deleting of the quest until we got mobs to kill in the same area, not necessarily the same mobs though.  There does come a point though on the jaunt to 50,000 faction with the Ashen Monks where the quests simply don’t seem to be given out any more. There is then only one way to build your faction, which is by gaining faction from a kill. For the Ashen Order this isn’t so difficult because there seems to be quite a few groups of training Ashen Disciples about which when slaughtered en masse give quite a lot of faction boost.  If you are doing the Ashen Disciple quest line however, this part is a lot lot harder as there only seems to be two distinct groups of the Ashen Order monks training ripe for the slaughter.  Oh, yeah. The Ashen Order Monks seem to be a level or 2 higher than the Disciples,which again makes it a little harder to do the evil side of the quest-line. One thing about this whole venture did make me laugh though. We were sent off by one of the Monks to slaughter some poor defenceless beings under the guise of learning their fighting style, only to be told on our return we should meditate and find tranquility. I wanted to ask if we should wash the blood off first! Killzum and Morriana both are currently sitting round 15,000 faction with the Ashen Order, then I got bored.  There was some good news to that grind though, in that Morriana dinged 57th level whilst doing the quests there.

I then headed off to The Hidden Cache off Sinking Sands.  For those who have never been there it is a very small instance where you get to kill a few names and a lot of Dervishes and Crocodiles.  It’s not really that enthralling but is good for AA and there is a very easy quest in there for a bit of additional exp.  Also with it being so short (took us only 40 mins or so) it’s a nice time filler for something to do if you can’t commit to a lengthy instance.  Whist we were there I experienced something many of my friends have mentioned, but personally (up until now) I had never been a victim to this phenomenon. I am talking about ‘hero’ mentorers (is that even a word?-Ed). Yes, we had a 70 Zerker come mentor us for this particular zone.  As his arrival was imminent the friend who had asked him to join us, was spouting fun statements like “With him here, we’ll be able to pull the whole zone!”.  Now I know level 70’s are tough, even when mentoring.  However, I think most of us who mentor still have the intelligence to realise that we simply cannot take on the mobs as if they were grey.  A slight amount of restraint is required. It would seem though that this message has not got through to everyone.

Within 2 minutes of the Zerkers arrival the party had wiped. Totally. Nothing left. We were mushed.  To be fair to the guy (or girl) who was playing the toon, then very very quickly reassessed their approach and the rest of the zone went swimmingly and was of course easier and quicker due to the 70 mentoring. So despite my comments , thanks are in order for the assisstance.  My point? I guess just a cautionary message…if you are mentoring down with your top tier toon, remember you are not invincible and do not try to show off. Your bravado may come back and bite you in the ass. At the least it is most likely going to humble you at some point.

In answer to some mails I have got and comments made in game….

Yes, I know that Killzum and Morriana are both wearing the same shiny ceremonial armour from the city merchant.

Yes, we both wear white cloaks.

Yes, we DO look very cheesy.

Yes, that was the intention.

No, I am not gay (why would it matter???!!???).

And to Fansy…(remember him? old EQ addicts let me know if you recognise the name)…

my favourite Skittle is Orange too.

Shiny..Mmmmmm!  Cheese Gromit?


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