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Stinky Swamp..

Posted by revenants on November 8, 2007


The Feerrott (s) and Bouncer Hurd muscling in! 


The Feerrott. Even the name creates an aura of dark mystery. Without even visiting the place you have an image of a stinky jungle/swamp. Not surprising really when most of us read the title as Fear- Rott.

It’s time for the zone review again. Over at SoE they have invited the community to once again give their guides and comments on the selected area. As usual, I am going to travel back in time (you told me you had lost that ability! – Ed) and give my impressions, memories of the old EQ original zone and compare it to the new.


The Feerrott was one of those zones that I rarely visited simply for its own content.  It was a corridor to get to Cazic Thule and Rathe…a place to dodge bouncers.  I guess I did spend a bit of time there hitting the temples (huts) around the Cazic entrance trying to get the Ravenscale Armour that used to drop of the mobs there as a rare. Lizardscale was the common drop. That was probably the most time spent in the zone to be honest, and that was to help a friend out.  So what do I remember about the zone?


After being spoilt with nice open zones like the Commons, the Deserts, Mountains etc etc…I must say I was pretty scared every time I was required to run across The Feerrott, because of the enclosed dark and dingy feel. I really did feel (originally) that I was running round a jungle and yes until I hit the river I was usually hopelessly lost. I would even go as far as to say before I got my navigation down, I felt pretty claustrophobic in this zone as a noob. Kinda the same feeling I got when negotiating Kithicor.  That was one reason why I felt a little apprehensive whilst running around The Feerrott but mainly it was because of the Bouncers. Until I had met them, I don’t think I had met a meaner, faster, tougher mob and the worst of them all was indeed Bouncer Hurd (as suggested in EQAtlas). I have to say it really was a pleasure to give him a right bashing in EQ2’s Feerrott whilst doing the Stein of Moggok HQ. Revenge did indeed taste sweet.


So yet again another zone that really was pretty much a by word for ‘I’m omw’. Another zone I spent most time in when I was travelling to somewhere else.  That has happened a fair bit now, with the zones SoE want reviewed. When I think back at the ‘old’ zone, it didn’t really mean that much to me. Maybe soon they will ask for a zone that correlates to an old EQ zone that I have plenty of play-time in.


What does strike me looking at the maps and comparing them, is again how small the old zone is compared to the new, and the HUGE amount of extra content the new zone holds.  Not only that they have turned it in to a much more demanding, visceral, sensual, mob / quest full zone, but they have made it a place to visit in itself.  I hunted in the new Feerrott before I went to Cazic Thule . I actually used the zone for some HQ’s and quests. The first time I entered The ‘old’ Feerrott was to travel through to get to Rathe (can’t for the life of me recall why!! I was way too low).  It seems the new might as well be a completely new zone and kin to its older brother in name only.  Nowadays I hardly ever visit The Feerrott, more due to being too high level than anything else. 


I can tell you one thing though..even though the new zone is far and away superior…I still hate them both.  Too cramped you see…I hate being enclosed. Gimme an open plain or a desert any day!


As for The Revenants, not much has been going on apart from writ bashing over the last couple of days. I am hoping to get some decent adventuring time tonight as my Dad is flying over to visit for the weekend, so my play time will virtually nil. Will be great seeing him though!


Oh, congratulations to Konador for 63 and Daltieri who is more than likely 67 by now. Well done guys.  You can tell you two are part time slackers or unemployed 😛


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Nothing to Do? …Immerse yourself in tier 6.

Posted by revenants on November 5, 2007

 Fist fighting

Minotaur Pugelism. Konador,  Buckleton & Daltieri get down and dirty.


It seems like it has been one hell of a hectic week here.  The reason I have no updated the posts yet?  My friends and I are currently at that great period where all of a sudden it seems that loads of our toons are all around the same level. This means that pretty much every spare moment of computer access tends to end up with me logging in to Ventrilo to shouts of  “Come on we need you!”, and getting absolutely no time to do anything else.  Of course…not that I minded!  We have had a riot pretty much all week. Every day.  You see this week we have all been lucky enough to be off work for most of the time..I dread to think how many hours collectively we have spent online.  The figures must be mind boggling.


Guild Level 23


So, what was achieved with this goodly amount of online time? Well, breaking it down very basically..Revenants hit guild level 23, Morriana hit 62, Buckleton 55, AA’s galore (still no-one at 100 though – Ed), Konador (guildie) romped from 52 through to 60 in just 4 days and also assisted Bucky and Daltieri in some Minotaur fist fighting, endless dungeoneering for all of us, SoS, Vaults, Ancient’s Table, Nest, Breeding Grounds, Writs, MoM, CoI, Klak, Basket and Box quests from Hidden Refuge, some in house duels, Acadechism, Den of the Devourer, OOB, Ivy Shrouded Orb of Tunare (first 4 quests completed) and of course more SoS!


Out of that huge amount of online achievement, what shall I talk about? What shall we discuss?  One of the things that I seem to have become a bit of a victim of this week, (which is unusual as I never really seem to have too many problems in this department) is the struggle to find interesting things to do. Did I mind? No, not one bit and I’ll tell you why later….  I honestly do think the problem is indicative of how many players experience and view the ‘50’s’.  A lot of my friends and acquaintances seem to think that from 50 to 60 is a terrible grind and that’s that! Thing is though, I hate to burst your bubble but there is simply a ton of stuff to do during any tier. Anything different and those that complain about this simply aren’t looking hard enough.  Let’s take the dreaded 50 to 60 dash.  I may be all on my own here, but this appears to me to be the most complained about tier…..and I have no idea why. This is the first tier where we had updated content and new zones in the form of Desert of Flames. So lets take a look at just a sprinkling…Quests…The whole Peacock Club line, guaranteed to keep you busy. Carpet Quests, a must for those without twinked transport, the whole Ashen Order/Disciples questlines, Courts quests and factions, bug zapping…all to name but a few.  So, plenty of quests..what about interesting zones? SS, Maj’Dul and PoF themselves..all very good zones for quests and hunting. Clefts, Shimmering Citadel, Living Tombs, Silent City to name but a few. Then there is always the Roost and The Ancient’s table. Poet’s Palace? Too right, all great great fun and xp. 


But you know what?  That’s not it! Much of the early part of the Kingdom of Sky expansion is do-able with a group of higher level 50’s especially if you manage to wheedle your way in to a Breeding Grounds group or the like.  I am not even going to get started on the quests available in T.T…way too many to mention, but think Baskets and Boxes then move on from there.


So, if there is so much to do, how come I became a victim of this phenomenon? Thing is I wasn’t alone.  If you recall I mentioned that I have spent most of the week getting dragged round by my friends and have had a fantastic time doing it.  Problem with that is though, that even though we are all very good friends both in real and game life, we are all separate entities and as such wanted to do different things at different times. So there have been times this week where we’ve all stood round wondering what to do, some complaining about the 50 to 60 run, getting frustrated.  Good thing is though, because of the plethora of good stuff to get involved in it never took us long to find something new and move on. That’s the problem when grouped you see, even with friends..we all have our own agenda and sometimes we aren’t going to be able to agree on what to do.  We are Human, and our attention spans all differ. We could have sat round and complained about the supposed ‘lack of content’ all day….but instead we got off our arses and decided to go check some out.  And you know what..….we hardly scratched the surface of content available..oh, and most importantly..we all had a really great time.


Poor content from 50 to 60?? ..a terrible grind??


Pish-Posh Sir! Immerse yourself in Tier 6!






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Betrayal, Crab Sticks & The Return of the King..

Posted by revenants on October 29, 2007


 Pirate Buckleton, the Brigand

Super super busy week for me folks!  Both in and out of game. Unfortunately this week my wife has been very poorly (she still managed to log on though eh? – Ed) with Bronchitus and as such some of my game time has been cut down being nursemaid / slave.  Not that I mind really, it’s always fun looking after those we love.  Get better soon hun.

In game..phew busy week…to name but a few things I have done since my last post…raided Crab, betrayed Buckleton to FP and a Brigand, basket quests, tanked a dynamite session in Breeding Grounds, a bit of harvesting, DoF instances with the uber-group, Village of Shin timeline, Court of Innovation, Sanctum of Scaleborn, Klak A’non, and writs.  Leaving the best until last…I finally met Brackishwater on Nektulos Docks! It was really great to see you! Always good to put a name to face, or a face to a…nvm, lol. I hope you got the feysteel cluster I sent you. Sorry it was late, I didn’t get around to sending it until a couple of days after we met. 

To top the weekend off tho, two of my mates returned to EQ2. One from Runnyeye server where they have been living for a few months and one back from retirement! Kaelkardan….welcome back buddy…glad to see you have returned to your roots !  I have known Kael only through game, but have known him for quite some time.  He is one of those guys that is golden, if I knew him in RL I just know we would all get on like a house on fire. Also good to see his better half great to see you folks back.  And one of the Stafford crew has returned to us from retirement!!  Close personal friend of mine and Daltieri since we were kids, the King Hurakahn – Konador has returned!   /kneel.  Awesome to have your godly tanking ways back amongst us buddy.

So the most fun thing this weekend..well it has to be Saturday evening. We all got together about 8pm and the group was Kondor tanking, Emarald healing, Sashka (Aurale) warding/healing, Buckleton & Daltieri dps’ing and Kaelgaiden on crowd control.  It’s always a guaranteed good night when the whole gang gets together.  We started off with a run through the Hidden Cache, which was a load of fun. Time to apologise to Konador, who I purposefully got killed by Mullok during an extended AFK he took. Sorry mate, I just couldn’t resist it. The funniest part was the inquisition that was held on his return to finding Konador eating the dirt and the rest of us just standing around innocently.  We followed up with a run into The Sanctorium which was a bit of a wash out, as we couldn’t work out how to get the last mob active. Always fun dodging epic x4 mobs though. From there we headed to The Court of Innovation. In the advent of druid ports it was just a very short hop to Steamfont then on to the dungeon.  For this one Kael sat out and I two boxed Buckleton and Shadowraethe who mentored down.  Sods law that when we got to the end mob I had to rush off due to RL stuff and missed the opening of the ornate chest…which dropped a very nice one handed piercing that Bucky would have loved…oh well, you win some, lose some.  All in all an amazing night really.  Not just for the pleasure of hunting with a group that gels so well no one has to ask questions at all we all just know what each other are going to be doing, but for the hilarious company on ventrillo and in game.  The downtime enforced by uncontrollable laughter was at an all time high.  Thanks for a really great night all, it will go down as one of those MMO memories that is not easily forgotten.

So what else…well Shahlai took part in a mini, ad-hoc Elven Blades raid on the Crab in Village of Shin.  It only took a very short time, but as ever it was nice to hang out with Shahlai’s family at the Blades.  Crab went down second time of trying. the first time, I messed up as I was supposed to be calling the DPS over TeamSpeak and was pressing the wrong button to transmit so no one heard a thing..consequently DPS went way too high and we wiped to the adds.  A valiant effort though as we very nearly did it even so.  Second pull was a lot better as I finally got my act together and the DPS stayed perfectly hovering around 3.2k… the Crab was turned into crab sticks in short order.

Lastly Buckleton decided that it was time to get to know his ‘bad self’ and the betrayal to Freeport and the journey to becoming a Brigand began.  On my various toons I have done the betrayal quests about 5 or 6 times now.  I have betrayed from Freeport to Qeynos, Qeynos to Freeport and Neriak to Qeynos.  never done the Kelethin ones though or betrayed to Neriak.  One thing I can say though, is wow…tedious!  The parts of any of the betrayal quests where you are questing to leave the city, or gaining your citizenship are usually quite good fun. It’s that bit in the middle when you are doing the faction quests so your new city will accept you and give you the citizenship quests.  I find it very monotonous.  Now I am not going to moan too much about it though. I did do the original betrayal quest back in the day and I can still recall the pain of it.  The new ones compared, are a walk in the park.  So Buckleton is now a Brigand sitting at 53rd level. He is only equiped with adept 1’s, as buying a whole new load of adept IIIs was not financially any way..phew even just buying adept1s it cost me a fortune!  He has taken up residence in Stonestair Byway, which is appropriate seeing as he is Kerran and I didn’t want to fork out anymore cash than I had too following the adept expense.  Reasons…I have already been asked a few times why I decided to move from swashy to Brig as Swashies do seem to dish out more DPS.  Well that is part of the problem. My main toon has always been Shahlai. She was the first toon I stuck with and the first to 70. She is just pure DPS though and I wanted a little of something else. The Brigands debuffs and spells like Dispatch add that little extra something for me.  A different focus, and I can relax a little later on and not just chase a parse top slot.  Anyhow, Buckleton decided to celebrate by doing the Far Seas quests in Village of Shin to get a new bed for his hovel!

Finally, I would just like to make a quick comment about the zone review. I did say i would do an EQ1 memory session on each EQ2 zone they request…well the most recent is Nektulos Forest.  I can’t really do a review of the EQ1 zone and my memories there, as they consist of 3 levels at newbie log before I got bored of my dark Elf and using it as a highway to Lavastorm.  So apologies…I really haven’t any memories of the origianal Nek Forest worth mentioning.  It does highlight the difference between the old and new though. The new Nek forest in EQ2 is pretty much the same in name only…it far outweighs what was pretty much a corridor that was used to get to other places.

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Bug Hunter..

Posted by revenants on October 10, 2007

I achieved absolutely nothing last night on-line.  It seemed that due to RL induced tiredness, I really didn’t trust myself to tank or heal for a group.  I logged on with Shahlai my Assassin for a bit and narrowly missed out on a SoD group heading into MMC.  Shame really as Shahlai has been stuck on that bit for a while. Would have been nice to get it done.  But it wasn’t to be, so I logged in with Killzum and met up with Daltieri in Qeynos Harbour.  The reason?  Well, I am not sure how we got on to the subject, but we started talking about bugs and strange in game experiences over Ventrillo, when it became apparent Daltieri had never ventured over the rooftops in QH to the hidden entrance to South Qeynos.  Never been there before? Have no idea what I am talking about? Check out the map below for instructions. There is even some sort of clubhouse behind there with a sign telling you to use the main entrance.  Why is it there? No idea. Probably just a part the Devs were going to use, but decided against it.

QH map.

There is little point to going there apart from experiencing a quirk of the game.  Well that occupied a few minutes only so after zoning in to South Qeynos (the hidden way..ooooo!)  I set off following Daltieri about in a bid to annoy him.  At one point he was contemplating a bit of guard bashing to salve the boredom, but soon gave up on that idea when considering his mortality.  So we just wandered around a bit.  Right in the Northern part of SQ there is a small walkway that runs parallel to the waterway there.  We came across a most unusual sight. Check out the screenie..

SQ strange occurence

The numbers show how many NPCs were hanging around, totally stationary, no movement, doing…nothing. A couple seemed to be so friendly with their neighbour that they were stood inside of each other (1-4, 6 & 7,  8-10). Obviously a bug as we stood there for quite a while and they did not move an inch.  It was weird and actually was quite reminiscent to me of a bunch of manikins left in an untidy mess at the back of a clothes store. Mebbe it’s where the devs store their extra NPCs in case of an NPC emergency?

Nothing much achieved then really for an hour and a half session. Was nice to catch up with Daltieri though.  Fop that he is!  Check out his new gear in the Gallery (Adventure) for a lesson in fashion, ‘slick’ stylee.  He could charm the birds outta the trees that one.

Oh, you may also have noticed Killzum’s new Surname “Warg’Wrestler”. Probably not going to be permanent. Just something silly he was trying on for size!

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Thanks for the Memories..

Posted by revenants on October 9, 2007

I was chatting to my brother the other week and we were discussing the finer points of EQ1. We both used to play on the Brell Serilis server, and started a week or so after the game was released.  Immediately we were both hooked and set about getting everyone we knew involved.  Funny thing is, most of my friends had already bought the game and were getting involved themselves!  The game hit table top roleplayers like a sledgehammer. After years of MUDs and dodgy above view RPG games (well not all Dodgy!) but certainly limited, here came a game that allowed you to be that character and see though their eyes. A chance to interact with a world of evolving, fluid fantasy that previously even when playing games like Baldurs Gate, required a modicum of imagination to put yourself actually in your characters shoes. No more, EQ was born and with it my obsession with MMORPGs.  Memories of those early days are some of my fondest gaming in this genre.  I decided to base my first character on my very first and long running AD&D character, a Dwarvern Warrior. Udrath Stormheart.  If I close my eyes I can still feel the atmosphere as I mentally explore the original Butcherblock Mountains.  It is very surprising that even today being four years since I last played EQ,  I can still pretty much recall every hill, path, monument, guard hut, pulling spot, roleplay session, pretty much everything from my first days in EQ. It had that great an effect on me as a gamer.

Strange thing is, I am not sure I could ever go back.  Yes, I have amazing memories of my first petrified run from Freeport to Rivervale to meet my brothers character, Merecraft Oakenheart. Fantasic funny memories of falling off the boat from BBM to Freeport and being unable to find safe land for two days! But I honestly think if I went back I would rejoice for a short amount of time as I revisited all my favourite haunts, then I am absolutely sure I would get bored. 

You see, EQ1 is like everything else in our past. As times goes by we tend to recall our memories of that time with great fondness. The things that pained and distressed us at the time become funny memories. Something to laugh about.  The two day camp in Befallen for the Paw of Oppola guy, only to have him stolen from me when he popped, as inevitably I was making a cup of tea at the time.  I can laugh about that now.  At the time I was totally gutted at the loss, the waste of my time and the fact if I wanted the damn thing I was going to have to do it all over again.  I never even attmpted the JBoots.  The nightmare stories had drifted down through the community until it reached my poor frightened ears.  It was a scary story parents used to tell their children when they were naughty.

I could go on all day about the things I miss, the things I don’t.  But I guess the point I am trying to make (too right you are trying…try floundering-Ed) is that EQ2 has progressed so much from the original game in graphic content, and the developers trying to get personally involved with the community, their ideas and needs to progress on to hugely improving the substance.  For example something simple that we tend to forget and take for granted…the thousands of real life voice overs for the NPCs. Things that make the whole world of Norrath hugely more accessible and most importantly ‘real’ to us.  I guess my expectations from an MMO have moved on in line with the development of the genre.  Returning to EQ now, although I still get pangs to do so, would be a mistake. One that would ruin my fond memories of a legendary game.  Things have changed way too much for the better for EQ to be anything but a massively immersive and happy memory.

So. How can I recapture some of that feel, some of the originality? How can I repeat the emotions and nostalgia? Well, obviously going back to EQ is not an option. EQ2 is where I am at right now.  So I have decided to recreate some of the past, and ressurect Udrath Stormheart and his finely crafted history.  I am not sure that I will spend much time playing him…but when I am feeling nostalgic, he is the toy I can bring out to play.

Udrath Stormheart

Udrath Stormheart. A blast from the past.

(Grumpy Old Git)

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Nektropos Castle…Revisited.

Posted by revenants on October 3, 2007

Morriana outside Nektropos Castle

Morriana outside Nektropos Castle

What started off as a fairly routine evening checking the broker and my next tier of spells and armour, ended up as a real doozy of a night.  After I had been online for 30 minutes or so, I received a tell from a good friend of mine Scuskuniish (affectionately known as  Coercer Scuskuny) who asked me to join a Nektropos Castle-The Return group.  I jumped at the chance. Not only because I have never done that particular guise of the instance, but also because it had been a goodly while since I had grouped with Scuskuny.

 So off I troll to Nek Castle to await the rest of the group.  Things didn’t start off too well with our 52 Wizard Lightingscales being one of those people who speaks their mind bluntly and abruptly.  Not only had they just commented on how much Wisdom I have “Besides you don’t even have above 300 Wiz” as a comment that we would need another healer. Incidently we only died once…and that was because…you guessed it..the all knowing all wise Wizard AoE’d and pulled a totally unmanagable amount of mobs. The rest of the time the tank went into yellow only a couple of times and the rest of the group when getting pounded were dutifully healed. The Wiz then went on to insult our Warden who was logging on with one of their 70 tanks to mentor down. When they asked the group, which would be better the Bruiser or Guardian, our friendly Wizard replied something along the lines of “The Guardian definitely. Bruisers are crap”. OK, so one offended tank later we all gather and head on in….as we drifted in..what was that I hear?  The dulcet tones of the Wizard already bragging about their impending DPS.

Basically, if you haven’t done the Nektropos Castle-The Return instance before, this is how it goes. Level 50 to mid 50’s, lot’s of mobs, great exp and amazing AA from the (upto) 13 Nameds in there. Also some quite nice treasured (ok…average) treasured gear. Most of all though it was a chance to return to what I feel is one of the great zones in the game. Unlike some of the higher end KoS zones which seem to be reincarnations of each other (The Nest, Vaults, PoA etc) it is a truly original zone that creates and unbelievable atmosphere. With the mist, the twisted walls, towers and the strange noises it all adds up for a great bit of adventuring.

Obip, our tank the Guardian (mentored from 70) did a splendid job, especially considering they had not been to that instance before either.  The flow was good, and it was nice to see a tank that doesn’t rip the mezzed adds (although the Wiz certainly did a few times-yes…that’s right, he got up my nose and on my nerves!).  Scuskuny as usual did a fantastic job of holding down the adds, with the class played as proficiently as any of his plethora of other toons.  It’s always nice to group with people who know what they are doing. To be fair the DPS Lightingscales kicked out was kinda nice.  It certainly helped when we had big mobs that’s for sure. I am not so sure how it would compare though to another pure DPS class.  I only have my 70 raid assassin to compare it with, and thats simply not fair as that DPS is just silly… (I didn’t have ACT way back when she was 52, so I cant compare with what the Wiz was putting out). Overall though it wasn’t bad at all. 

Morriana didn’t pick up any gear that was amazing, but she did gain 1.5 AA and went from 27% into 55 to 86% in. that’s 59% in just over an hour. Like I have previously said though, the best bit for me was just being there. Good company, an excellent adventure location and plenty of mobs to play with.


As a side note, someone mentioned in group that the Legends of Norrath booster packs that have been dropped off mobs in game, are on the broker for up to 34 plat. Surely that’s just crazy! If you have to buy some booster packs (personally I think they are a waste of money) then why not just pay the 3 dollars, and if you are worried about the cost..just miss that cup of coffee out from Starbucks that day.

A Cursed Guardian dispatches one of the Everling sisters…Chaos ensued. Nektropos Castle-The Return.

Nektropos Castle-The Return

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A HQ, Baskets and the useless Plat farmer…

Posted by revenants on October 2, 2007

 Daltieri, Killzum & Morriana in The Temple of Sol Ro.

Daltieri, Killzum, Morriana and Dals pet hunt in The Temple of Sol Ro for HQ Saving Soles.

Last night was productive in that it was time to do a little two boxing. Morriana, my Templar hit 55 which means she can group with Killzum (70 Berserker) without him having to mentor. The content we can take on together now is quite a bit tougher and the quests seemed to roll by with a relaxing ease.

First off was a quick jaunt around the Temple Grounds in Tenebrous Tangle (T.T) where I managed to complete a few sets of basket quests with Daltieri grouping with me. Daltieri is a 55 Conjy and is a very good RL friend. It has been a long while since I have done the basket quests, and was a littlew suprised when I was on my fourth or fifth go when it wouldn’t let me complete any more. I can understand why of course, it is a very easy way to get Exp and AA.

So we both headed off to carry on with a the current HQ we are working on (Daltieri and I), Saving Soles. It is quite a lengthy HQ with a lot to achieve. Worst of all it is in one of my least favourite zones, Lavastorm. I have a habit of leaving my toons on auto run whilst I type my tells out to friends. Unfortunately in Lavastorm I think you can guess where that gets me. Dead in the Lava. There was one very funny moment when Morriana fell off from following Killzum and went plumeting in to the fiery goo. A little cheesed off at the prospect of having to run all that way again, daltieri chimes in “Hang on a min, I have an essence!”. Overjoyed? Of course I was. Like I have said, hating Lavastorm, although really I don’t know why. I guess the dark dingy atmosphere gets me depressed. So Daltieri pops off the res and I accept..only to die again immediately…because I am still in the Lava! We laughed, mostly at our ineptitude and stupidity.

We managed to get to the stage of the quest where one has to kill The Magolemus, a level 50 ^^^ x2 Epic Mob. Unfortunately that is as far as we got as Daltieri ran out fo time and the mob despawned before we could get a fairly decent group together to get him down. What took a good proportion of the evening was the running around the zone. Solusek’s Eye was probably the worst as none of us had the teleports sorted in there, so it was a long (but very fun) trek all the way down to the bottom to get the Giant update.

After Daltieri logged off I headed back to T.T with Killzum and Morriana to kill some of the big lizards that seem to like the Breeding Grounds so much in a bid to catch up with Daltieri (He’s not out exp’d you again has he? For shame! – Ed). Whilst I was there I hardly did any fighting as I think I saw one of the funniest things I have come across in a long while.

During a short power break I noticed my ACT (Advanced Combat Tracker-Parse) was totting up some fights near by. I then noticed it seemed to be the same name over and over. Elania. It seems Elania wanted to try and solo Spykrakis. Not a too difficult task for a 70 Conjurer. I wandered over to have a look what was going on when I saw the DPS was particulary poor in my ACT. So, I am standing on the rock looking down and watching this Conjurer battle Spykrakis. Then I noticed something odd. They weren’t sending their pet in to fight, like ever apart from once I saw on a pull. Just rooting the mob and sending in weak DOTs. I honestly think they must have been Apprentice level skills. The pet certainly was. Time after time Spykrakis would break free from the chains and before Elania could re cast the root spell, the big lizard was on them. I watched death after death, noting all the little tell tale signs of a proffesional farmer. Pretty much fully crafted or treasured gear. Apparently a full consignment of apprentice spells, with a ‘Tellurian Champion’ tank pet at app4 level (maybe Adept, but definitely not AD3 or master), and very little knowledge of how to play the class effectively. I went to bed and left Elania to it. By the time I went I think it must have been around their 30th attempt and as I logged I caught site of Spykrakis running free once more tearing the farmer to shreds. So I decided to check the character out on EQ2 Players. The character was not guilded and was created on 2nd June 2007. A total of 49 days and 18 hours of play time in the last 120 days. That works out at average ( in fact pretty much exactly) at 10 hours per day. Every day. Final confirmation that the toon is either a bot or a farmer. I just can’t explain how funny it was watching them fight that mob over and over and over. They even pulled the mob several times right to me probably hoping to aggro me with the mobs blue AoE (do they have one?? I don’t know). Or maybe it was for help, although that cannot have been it as they constantly had the encounter locked.

One thing is for sure though, it made my night watching the countless, hapless attempts. It certainly helped pass the time whilst waiting for power to regen.

Elania. Farmer? Bot? Awful Player?

Elania. Farmer? Bot? Awful Player?


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