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RoK quest fatigue?..expand your horizons..

Posted by revenants on December 4, 2007

 Shard of Fear

The Shard of Fear (more screenies in Adventuring Gallery)


Fed up of questing yet? Quite a lot of people I know do seem to be getting bored with the questing in RoK. Personally I am still loving the feel and lore behind the constant quest lines. For sure, if I had been doing them non stop in a crazy race to get to 80 then, yeah, maybe I would be getting jaded with them, and I think that is what a lot of the complaints about the new expansion revolve round.  There are many who DO just want to power to 80, and of course their game choice is as valid as my own.  It is these people who are finding it a pain I guess. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. I seriously think that getting to 80 via only questing in RoK is totally do-able, in fact I am sure they designed it that way. The problem is though that it’s not super quick and if you are doing it to level and do not soak up the stories or quests and just have a clik frenzy, then’s gonna get boring and it’s gonna get boring fast.

So what to do? How have I kept my interest in the new expansion? Well, for one I haven’t even scratched the surface of the available content in RoK and am still excited about all I have yet to discover.  Secondly, I haven’t been concentrating on RoK exclusively. Now I am absolutely sure no one needs telling this, but when I have had enough of solo adventuring I have headed back to EoF or KoS for some raiding or group instances, and even tried out Karnor’s Castle in Kylong Plains.  I have found that doing this has kept me hooked. Interspersing grouping and solo questing means I am still getting the best out of the game both on my own and with the usual mad cap group.

Some examples? Along with the usual group of outcasts we headed to The Shard of Fear for the first time this week.  Having never been there it was yet another brand new experience for some of us. So, The Shard of Fear, or SoF.  Even though we didn’t have enough time to complete the zone (even though it is totally do-able..Did you know Emarald, Konador, Daltieri and a group cleared the whole zone including epics just 2 days prior? –Ed) I personally really really had a soft spot for the place and it seems like the rest of the group was the same. I loved the look and the atmosphere SoE have created. The constant red haze and heat waves that envelop the zone certainly give the feel that you are no longer on Norrath but in some God forbidden burning hell.  The quests in there seem to be a lot of fun from what I managed to complete during our time there and the mobs are certainly a challenge.  Overall everyone who is a little bored of RoK questing should give this zone a go, or another go if you have been there before.

We’ve been up to quite a bit actually in the ‘old worlds’… hitting Unrest, OOB, Valdoons, and Mistmoore Castle for the sage (Shadowraethe got her class leggings woohoo!). It’s all been the usual amount of great fun.  That’s the difference you see between soloing and grouping with your usual crew..when soloing you rely on SoE for the fun, content, lore etc. But when grouped with the crew, the content needs to be interesting, but is much more on the sidelines..the group provide the entertainment instead.  Whatever you like doing, as long as you intersperse your experiences in EQ2 you will likely never get bored. I know RoK is there and all enticing, but it’s ok to give it a break every now and again. Don’t forget the huge amount of development that has gone in to the already existing content and head back there. Enjoy some of it again in good company.

 You’ll have a riot.


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