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Flame On!

Posted by revenants on November 28, 2007

 Kylong plains

 Kylong Plains, near Highton you can find Jurrasic Park.


I am quite an avid reader over at  Not that I agree with everything posted there obviously and not that I have exercised much constraint in language or expression when I have felt it necessary to post there.  As my time is limited online (so annoying that work get’s in the way), usually when I visit EQ2Flames I will stick to the juicy stuff in the Center Stage forums

Last night however, I had a little extra spare time while waiting for some photos to upload and I delved a little deeper in to the site.  I really was surprised at how much useful information is available there. Granted, a lot of posts are for the pleasure of beating on our fellow humans behind the toons, but the wealth of information in the General Discussion, Information & Resources, and Class Discussion forums is quite staggering. As is typical of a site with the ‘hammer a nail in with a JCB’ attitude, the posts are usually straight talking, to the point and useful…and if they’re not, the fact is very quickly pointed out in reply to the posts..usually quite brutally! So it’s easy to sort the wheat from the chaff..see a post topic that is useful to you? Check it out, if the information is incorrect or a load of codswhollap just check the first few replies, that will usually give you an idea if the information is worth digesting. 

The beauty of such forums..well, we get a chance to express ourselves, have a little fun, but also have the beauty of discussing important issues concerning the game, gameplay, mechanics etc…and here is the important bit…without the sometimes harsh moderation of the official forums. You may not agree with some of the posts there. You may have disdain for some of the language used or the simple brutality of it all. However, never forget this.. true freedom of speech is a double edged blade. For sure you get the ‘fun’ stuff as I call it (others may call it offensive), but more importantly, if you are not too fragile… you get a point of view, expressed exactly as it was meant to….without intercession from an angry game Mod. 

So a shout out to the crew at EQ2Flames, LFG and minions do a fantastic job. Thanks for all the laughs, tears and wealth of information your site provides to us. Most importantly, thanks for the freedom of expression it offers.   

Personally, sure I have fun joining in the witch hunts when I need to vent a little, but now in the other forums I have discovered the yummy topping of actual useful information from people in the know, and I plan on pigging out.  

In game it has been much of a muchness for the Revenants crew. Although due to a few unforeseen circumstances in the last few days, I have had the opportunity to hunt with my wife quite a bit more than I usually do. It’s been great fun.  One of the beautiful things about it is that my wife is a pretty amazing person and a superb wife, (she doesn’t bitch at you, you mean?-Ed) so I get to have all the fun of her company but no stress, no nagging, no arguments. Just a load of laughs and giggles. Very importantly…hardly any deaths.

Now I know I am probably a little biased here, but wow! For someone who thinks auto-follow is a necessity to play or getting lost in Freeport is likely (you’re in for it now!-Ed), the quality of that girls healing is stunning.  It’s everything you could want from a healer doing their job absolutely spot on.  How do I know this? Well, obviously from experience of healers from day one.  I can’t even think of the amount of groups I must have been in since I started this game from it’s Euro launch 3 years ago. I can safely say, without a doubt in my heart that Emarald Green, Warden of Neriak is one AWESOME healing goliath (in a tiny iccul package).  So not only have my adventures recently with my better half been a huge amount of fun, but also cheap in repair bills and quick in progression.  We are both currently doing quests in the Fens (only at Sathirs Span so far) and Shadowraethe and Ema are having a ball. 

As for the other parts of the Revenants hunting crews, well. Poor old Konador has had a serious case of the wife aggro and his play time has been cut well down.  Daltieri is always around and has joined Ema and I quite a considerable amount this last week on quests and instance runs (mainly EoF instances). Buckleton, Morriana and Killzum are unfortunately taking a bit of a back seat so I don’t drop too far behind in levels from our group by trying to level all my toons. At the moment it is pretty much just Shahlai and Shadowraethe. Not a chore from this end though. Both are extremely good fun to play. 

To finish off, I want to mention something that happened when I quickly logged on Morriana the other night and checked the broker. Well, it appears that she sold a kobold paw …for 3pp. Not bad seeing as they retail for around 9 gold.  Big problem for me though. I’m a pretty moralistic person and I can’t quite believe I have done that to another player.  Why was the (usually cheap) kobold paw up for 3pp you ask? Very good question really, and not one I have any great answers to.  I can’t even recall putting it up for that. My broker boxes are ..well very much like my shed..a right old mess.  I can’t even think of one reason I would do that.  So the only conclusion I can come up with is stupidity on my part.   

Anyhow, Koromis  worry and all your alts are now on my friends list and as soon as I see you log on…I’m coming to give you 2pp and 90 gold back.  I was going to send it by post, but then had the thought that it may be an alt they play infrequently and as such may not pick up the mail for personal visit and apology is required.



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Immersion Protocol = Satisfied.

Posted by revenants on November 20, 2007

Now that everyone has had at least a little time to get used to Kunark, including myself…I thought I would give a bit more of an in depth look at my experience of the new zones I have visited. Not that I have been many places yet.  That’s one mistake I don’t want to make. I don’t want to rush round and go exp crazy getting levels and disco exp all over the shop. No.  I want to immerse myself in the content and savour it. I want to establish an affinity for a place before I move on to somewhere new. I want to forge memories, that when I look back on my time in EQ2 I can say…”Great, see…I didn’t waste my time! All those hours online were constructive”. I want to enjoy it.


So, am I enjoying Sonys fourth offering?  More than any other! And that’s a fact.  I’ve been keeping a close eye on the chat channels to see if that is the general consensus.  I soon gave up on that idea when I established that people who want to moan, like to voice their angst.  Those who are having fun apparently stay quiet…probably as they are so engrossed in what they are doing.


And that’s the way the new expansion has been for me.  As a lover of soloing and duo’ing the new expansion has been a godsend. The thing I am really impressed about the expansion, is the look….the ‘feel’ of the place is right. For me it tips its cap to EQ1 with the wide open spaces, a feeling of size. Even in the overgrown areas, like certain part of The Fens, the scrub is intermittent enough to be able to see further than 5 metres but also lush enough to get its point across…yes…I am in a swamp.  In comparison, although zones in EoF are beautiful, for example Lesser do those roots and huge mushrooms make it a pain to get around when you don’t stick to the path.  So the size, openness and ‘airy’ feeling Kylong Plains, and Fens give is amazing. It stuns me how much sometimes I am reminded of the feel of EQ1. For that I am very grateful. I like a bit of nostalgia in my gaming.


The other thing I am very impressed with is the flow of quests.  Now I know a fair few have moaned about this. Saying the quests are mechanical, monotonous, not group orientated enough.  Well, I can see the point of view where groups are concerned..but the others…nah.  If you are doing quests and you don’t need to rush…’read the dialogue boxes’ from the NPC’s. Don’t just go on a click fest trying to progress a.s.a.p..Indulge yourself (there’s no rush now…someone made level 80, 36 hours following release!- Ed). Go on..have a read of what the quest giver is actually saying to you.  You will find the quest lines funny, remarkable, intense, interesting, and full of bits of lore references.  It really does change the overall emotions you experience when questing. Instead of mechanically collecting Leeks near the Teren’s Grasp Druid ring, who actually paid attention? You at the back…why did we need the Leeks?


My questing has taken Shahlai into the Fens and she has so far completed all of the Sathir’s Span, Omen’s Call and most of the Bathezid’s Watch quests.  I have completed them all solo without any problems at all.  OK so I have died a few times when having a sip of coffee and a biscuit seemed like a more important thing to do than remember to stealth up, but aside from that I haven’t struggled. I have been challenged but just enough so I didn’t lose interest.  I started in The Fens on Sunday morning and spent most of the day following the quests, not rushing..just enjoying.  I got so immersed in what I was doing Shahlai dinged 72 without warning and I decided to stop what I was doing as I was starting to get too far ahead of my regular adventuring groups level.  I was gutted. I spent 10 minute deliberating the pro’s and con’s of out levelling my hunting group, when as usual the only word of wisdom came from my Wife who suggested I play another toon for a bit. I mean come on I have enough to go around. Well I couldn’t bear to leave Kunark behind and move to a lower toon, so I played Shadowraethe. Which caused a problem as Shah is my (main) main but being able to do everything with Shadow made me wonder if she shall always remain so. Obviously Shadow is much more adept at solo’ing, her being a Necro.  And I really enjoyed it. Yes, I was doing the same content I had done hours earlier..but I didn’t care. I was having fun.


I guess that’s what I wanted from the expansion. A place to have fun, be a little nostalgic, and of course new lands to explore and discover.  I have to say I am loving it.  Even grouped at one point with a full group of my RL buddies, doing some quests with friends, and ok the exp was poor apart from quest hand in’s..but we didn’t care. We were amongst friends, enjoying this new content together…exp was not on our minds…good company and adventure was.  OK so the group content so far is poor..but only if you want a crazy exp fest group. In reality, moaning about the lack of group content is valid…only if you want challenge and great exp though.  The old idea of spending some time with friends to enjoy content together is as strong as ever. And that’s what we did.  Had a laugh, messed about, we did the quests.  OK the exp was not good at all. But I am not in a race…oh no…I’m in the entertainment game and it was certainly entertaining.


More visual loveliness from Kunark..


Karnors Castle, Kylong Plains

Dreadlands, Kylong Plains

Lake view

Karnors Castle (again…I love the look of this place), Kylong Plains


Varis, Kylong Plains

'cause I can..

Because, I still can 😛

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