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Immersion Protocol = Satisfied.

Posted by revenants on November 20, 2007

Now that everyone has had at least a little time to get used to Kunark, including myself…I thought I would give a bit more of an in depth look at my experience of the new zones I have visited. Not that I have been many places yet.  That’s one mistake I don’t want to make. I don’t want to rush round and go exp crazy getting levels and disco exp all over the shop. No.  I want to immerse myself in the content and savour it. I want to establish an affinity for a place before I move on to somewhere new. I want to forge memories, that when I look back on my time in EQ2 I can say…”Great, see…I didn’t waste my time! All those hours online were constructive”. I want to enjoy it.


So, am I enjoying Sonys fourth offering?  More than any other! And that’s a fact.  I’ve been keeping a close eye on the chat channels to see if that is the general consensus.  I soon gave up on that idea when I established that people who want to moan, like to voice their angst.  Those who are having fun apparently stay quiet…probably as they are so engrossed in what they are doing.


And that’s the way the new expansion has been for me.  As a lover of soloing and duo’ing the new expansion has been a godsend. The thing I am really impressed about the expansion, is the look….the ‘feel’ of the place is right. For me it tips its cap to EQ1 with the wide open spaces, a feeling of size. Even in the overgrown areas, like certain part of The Fens, the scrub is intermittent enough to be able to see further than 5 metres but also lush enough to get its point across…yes…I am in a swamp.  In comparison, although zones in EoF are beautiful, for example Lesser do those roots and huge mushrooms make it a pain to get around when you don’t stick to the path.  So the size, openness and ‘airy’ feeling Kylong Plains, and Fens give is amazing. It stuns me how much sometimes I am reminded of the feel of EQ1. For that I am very grateful. I like a bit of nostalgia in my gaming.


The other thing I am very impressed with is the flow of quests.  Now I know a fair few have moaned about this. Saying the quests are mechanical, monotonous, not group orientated enough.  Well, I can see the point of view where groups are concerned..but the others…nah.  If you are doing quests and you don’t need to rush…’read the dialogue boxes’ from the NPC’s. Don’t just go on a click fest trying to progress a.s.a.p..Indulge yourself (there’s no rush now…someone made level 80, 36 hours following release!- Ed). Go on..have a read of what the quest giver is actually saying to you.  You will find the quest lines funny, remarkable, intense, interesting, and full of bits of lore references.  It really does change the overall emotions you experience when questing. Instead of mechanically collecting Leeks near the Teren’s Grasp Druid ring, who actually paid attention? You at the back…why did we need the Leeks?


My questing has taken Shahlai into the Fens and she has so far completed all of the Sathir’s Span, Omen’s Call and most of the Bathezid’s Watch quests.  I have completed them all solo without any problems at all.  OK so I have died a few times when having a sip of coffee and a biscuit seemed like a more important thing to do than remember to stealth up, but aside from that I haven’t struggled. I have been challenged but just enough so I didn’t lose interest.  I started in The Fens on Sunday morning and spent most of the day following the quests, not rushing..just enjoying.  I got so immersed in what I was doing Shahlai dinged 72 without warning and I decided to stop what I was doing as I was starting to get too far ahead of my regular adventuring groups level.  I was gutted. I spent 10 minute deliberating the pro’s and con’s of out levelling my hunting group, when as usual the only word of wisdom came from my Wife who suggested I play another toon for a bit. I mean come on I have enough to go around. Well I couldn’t bear to leave Kunark behind and move to a lower toon, so I played Shadowraethe. Which caused a problem as Shah is my (main) main but being able to do everything with Shadow made me wonder if she shall always remain so. Obviously Shadow is much more adept at solo’ing, her being a Necro.  And I really enjoyed it. Yes, I was doing the same content I had done hours earlier..but I didn’t care. I was having fun.


I guess that’s what I wanted from the expansion. A place to have fun, be a little nostalgic, and of course new lands to explore and discover.  I have to say I am loving it.  Even grouped at one point with a full group of my RL buddies, doing some quests with friends, and ok the exp was poor apart from quest hand in’s..but we didn’t care. We were amongst friends, enjoying this new content together…exp was not on our minds…good company and adventure was.  OK so the group content so far is poor..but only if you want a crazy exp fest group. In reality, moaning about the lack of group content is valid…only if you want challenge and great exp though.  The old idea of spending some time with friends to enjoy content together is as strong as ever. And that’s what we did.  Had a laugh, messed about, we did the quests.  OK the exp was not good at all. But I am not in a race…oh no…I’m in the entertainment game and it was certainly entertaining.


More visual loveliness from Kunark..


Karnors Castle, Kylong Plains

Dreadlands, Kylong Plains

Lake view

Karnors Castle (again…I love the look of this place), Kylong Plains


Varis, Kylong Plains

'cause I can..

Because, I still can 😛


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Nektropos Castle…Revisited.

Posted by revenants on October 3, 2007

Morriana outside Nektropos Castle

Morriana outside Nektropos Castle

What started off as a fairly routine evening checking the broker and my next tier of spells and armour, ended up as a real doozy of a night.  After I had been online for 30 minutes or so, I received a tell from a good friend of mine Scuskuniish (affectionately known as  Coercer Scuskuny) who asked me to join a Nektropos Castle-The Return group.  I jumped at the chance. Not only because I have never done that particular guise of the instance, but also because it had been a goodly while since I had grouped with Scuskuny.

 So off I troll to Nek Castle to await the rest of the group.  Things didn’t start off too well with our 52 Wizard Lightingscales being one of those people who speaks their mind bluntly and abruptly.  Not only had they just commented on how much Wisdom I have “Besides you don’t even have above 300 Wiz” as a comment that we would need another healer. Incidently we only died once…and that was because…you guessed it..the all knowing all wise Wizard AoE’d and pulled a totally unmanagable amount of mobs. The rest of the time the tank went into yellow only a couple of times and the rest of the group when getting pounded were dutifully healed. The Wiz then went on to insult our Warden who was logging on with one of their 70 tanks to mentor down. When they asked the group, which would be better the Bruiser or Guardian, our friendly Wizard replied something along the lines of “The Guardian definitely. Bruisers are crap”. OK, so one offended tank later we all gather and head on in….as we drifted in..what was that I hear?  The dulcet tones of the Wizard already bragging about their impending DPS.

Basically, if you haven’t done the Nektropos Castle-The Return instance before, this is how it goes. Level 50 to mid 50’s, lot’s of mobs, great exp and amazing AA from the (upto) 13 Nameds in there. Also some quite nice treasured (ok…average) treasured gear. Most of all though it was a chance to return to what I feel is one of the great zones in the game. Unlike some of the higher end KoS zones which seem to be reincarnations of each other (The Nest, Vaults, PoA etc) it is a truly original zone that creates and unbelievable atmosphere. With the mist, the twisted walls, towers and the strange noises it all adds up for a great bit of adventuring.

Obip, our tank the Guardian (mentored from 70) did a splendid job, especially considering they had not been to that instance before either.  The flow was good, and it was nice to see a tank that doesn’t rip the mezzed adds (although the Wiz certainly did a few times-yes…that’s right, he got up my nose and on my nerves!).  Scuskuny as usual did a fantastic job of holding down the adds, with the class played as proficiently as any of his plethora of other toons.  It’s always nice to group with people who know what they are doing. To be fair the DPS Lightingscales kicked out was kinda nice.  It certainly helped when we had big mobs that’s for sure. I am not so sure how it would compare though to another pure DPS class.  I only have my 70 raid assassin to compare it with, and thats simply not fair as that DPS is just silly… (I didn’t have ACT way back when she was 52, so I cant compare with what the Wiz was putting out). Overall though it wasn’t bad at all. 

Morriana didn’t pick up any gear that was amazing, but she did gain 1.5 AA and went from 27% into 55 to 86% in. that’s 59% in just over an hour. Like I have previously said though, the best bit for me was just being there. Good company, an excellent adventure location and plenty of mobs to play with.


As a side note, someone mentioned in group that the Legends of Norrath booster packs that have been dropped off mobs in game, are on the broker for up to 34 plat. Surely that’s just crazy! If you have to buy some booster packs (personally I think they are a waste of money) then why not just pay the 3 dollars, and if you are worried about the cost..just miss that cup of coffee out from Starbucks that day.

A Cursed Guardian dispatches one of the Everling sisters…Chaos ensued. Nektropos Castle-The Return.

Nektropos Castle-The Return

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