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Betrayal, Crab Sticks & The Return of the King..

Posted by revenants on October 29, 2007


 Pirate Buckleton, the Brigand

Super super busy week for me folks!  Both in and out of game. Unfortunately this week my wife has been very poorly (she still managed to log on though eh? – Ed) with Bronchitus and as such some of my game time has been cut down being nursemaid / slave.  Not that I mind really, it’s always fun looking after those we love.  Get better soon hun.

In game..phew busy week…to name but a few things I have done since my last post…raided Crab, betrayed Buckleton to FP and a Brigand, basket quests, tanked a dynamite session in Breeding Grounds, a bit of harvesting, DoF instances with the uber-group, Village of Shin timeline, Court of Innovation, Sanctum of Scaleborn, Klak A’non, and writs.  Leaving the best until last…I finally met Brackishwater on Nektulos Docks! It was really great to see you! Always good to put a name to face, or a face to a…nvm, lol. I hope you got the feysteel cluster I sent you. Sorry it was late, I didn’t get around to sending it until a couple of days after we met. 

To top the weekend off tho, two of my mates returned to EQ2. One from Runnyeye server where they have been living for a few months and one back from retirement! Kaelkardan….welcome back buddy…glad to see you have returned to your roots !  I have known Kael only through game, but have known him for quite some time.  He is one of those guys that is golden, if I knew him in RL I just know we would all get on like a house on fire. Also good to see his better half great to see you folks back.  And one of the Stafford crew has returned to us from retirement!!  Close personal friend of mine and Daltieri since we were kids, the King Hurakahn – Konador has returned!   /kneel.  Awesome to have your godly tanking ways back amongst us buddy.

So the most fun thing this weekend..well it has to be Saturday evening. We all got together about 8pm and the group was Kondor tanking, Emarald healing, Sashka (Aurale) warding/healing, Buckleton & Daltieri dps’ing and Kaelgaiden on crowd control.  It’s always a guaranteed good night when the whole gang gets together.  We started off with a run through the Hidden Cache, which was a load of fun. Time to apologise to Konador, who I purposefully got killed by Mullok during an extended AFK he took. Sorry mate, I just couldn’t resist it. The funniest part was the inquisition that was held on his return to finding Konador eating the dirt and the rest of us just standing around innocently.  We followed up with a run into The Sanctorium which was a bit of a wash out, as we couldn’t work out how to get the last mob active. Always fun dodging epic x4 mobs though. From there we headed to The Court of Innovation. In the advent of druid ports it was just a very short hop to Steamfont then on to the dungeon.  For this one Kael sat out and I two boxed Buckleton and Shadowraethe who mentored down.  Sods law that when we got to the end mob I had to rush off due to RL stuff and missed the opening of the ornate chest…which dropped a very nice one handed piercing that Bucky would have loved…oh well, you win some, lose some.  All in all an amazing night really.  Not just for the pleasure of hunting with a group that gels so well no one has to ask questions at all we all just know what each other are going to be doing, but for the hilarious company on ventrillo and in game.  The downtime enforced by uncontrollable laughter was at an all time high.  Thanks for a really great night all, it will go down as one of those MMO memories that is not easily forgotten.

So what else…well Shahlai took part in a mini, ad-hoc Elven Blades raid on the Crab in Village of Shin.  It only took a very short time, but as ever it was nice to hang out with Shahlai’s family at the Blades.  Crab went down second time of trying. the first time, I messed up as I was supposed to be calling the DPS over TeamSpeak and was pressing the wrong button to transmit so no one heard a thing..consequently DPS went way too high and we wiped to the adds.  A valiant effort though as we very nearly did it even so.  Second pull was a lot better as I finally got my act together and the DPS stayed perfectly hovering around 3.2k… the Crab was turned into crab sticks in short order.

Lastly Buckleton decided that it was time to get to know his ‘bad self’ and the betrayal to Freeport and the journey to becoming a Brigand began.  On my various toons I have done the betrayal quests about 5 or 6 times now.  I have betrayed from Freeport to Qeynos, Qeynos to Freeport and Neriak to Qeynos.  never done the Kelethin ones though or betrayed to Neriak.  One thing I can say though, is wow…tedious!  The parts of any of the betrayal quests where you are questing to leave the city, or gaining your citizenship are usually quite good fun. It’s that bit in the middle when you are doing the faction quests so your new city will accept you and give you the citizenship quests.  I find it very monotonous.  Now I am not going to moan too much about it though. I did do the original betrayal quest back in the day and I can still recall the pain of it.  The new ones compared, are a walk in the park.  So Buckleton is now a Brigand sitting at 53rd level. He is only equiped with adept 1’s, as buying a whole new load of adept IIIs was not financially any way..phew even just buying adept1s it cost me a fortune!  He has taken up residence in Stonestair Byway, which is appropriate seeing as he is Kerran and I didn’t want to fork out anymore cash than I had too following the adept expense.  Reasons…I have already been asked a few times why I decided to move from swashy to Brig as Swashies do seem to dish out more DPS.  Well that is part of the problem. My main toon has always been Shahlai. She was the first toon I stuck with and the first to 70. She is just pure DPS though and I wanted a little of something else. The Brigands debuffs and spells like Dispatch add that little extra something for me.  A different focus, and I can relax a little later on and not just chase a parse top slot.  Anyhow, Buckleton decided to celebrate by doing the Far Seas quests in Village of Shin to get a new bed for his hovel!

Finally, I would just like to make a quick comment about the zone review. I did say i would do an EQ1 memory session on each EQ2 zone they request…well the most recent is Nektulos Forest.  I can’t really do a review of the EQ1 zone and my memories there, as they consist of 3 levels at newbie log before I got bored of my dark Elf and using it as a highway to Lavastorm.  So apologies…I really haven’t any memories of the origianal Nek Forest worth mentioning.  It does highlight the difference between the old and new though. The new Nek forest in EQ2 is pretty much the same in name only…it far outweighs what was pretty much a corridor that was used to get to other places.


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Posted by revenants on October 8, 2007

 Killzum bashing some disciples

Killzum is quite often the centre of attention. Bashing some Ashen Disciples.

Well, the weekend saw some on and off gaming for me. At times it seemed that nothing was going my way and all there was for it was to log and go collapse in front of the TV. Others I seemed to drop in a good group and off we went. Had some productive sessions, with visits to Pillars of Flame and The Hidden Cache.

 In fact Killzum and Morriana spent a fair amount of time in the Pillars of Flame this weekend. You see, I am trying to get them both the ‘Jade Tiger’ title.  For those who do not know about this title (where have you been hiding?) it is issued to good aligned characters by the Ashen Order Monks in T’ranev in PoF.  For those who are of evil origin, the Ashen Disciples will give you a similar line of quests, but the end result is the title ‘Ebon Dragon’ instead.  Basically you go speak to the order of monks which you can follow (depending which faction you are) and they give you various tasks to complete to get your faction up. You need to get your faction to a full 50,000 and then you can speak to one of the head honcho monks to be given the title.  The only problem with some of the quests (think it is called ‘Serving the Order’), is that if you are attempting it grouped the quest gives out different requirements each time they give out the quest.  This means a lot of accepting and deleting the quest until you all have the same, or just running round and doing a huge amount of killing.  Killzum and Morriana opted for the deleting of the quest until we got mobs to kill in the same area, not necessarily the same mobs though.  There does come a point though on the jaunt to 50,000 faction with the Ashen Monks where the quests simply don’t seem to be given out any more. There is then only one way to build your faction, which is by gaining faction from a kill. For the Ashen Order this isn’t so difficult because there seems to be quite a few groups of training Ashen Disciples about which when slaughtered en masse give quite a lot of faction boost.  If you are doing the Ashen Disciple quest line however, this part is a lot lot harder as there only seems to be two distinct groups of the Ashen Order monks training ripe for the slaughter.  Oh, yeah. The Ashen Order Monks seem to be a level or 2 higher than the Disciples,which again makes it a little harder to do the evil side of the quest-line. One thing about this whole venture did make me laugh though. We were sent off by one of the Monks to slaughter some poor defenceless beings under the guise of learning their fighting style, only to be told on our return we should meditate and find tranquility. I wanted to ask if we should wash the blood off first! Killzum and Morriana both are currently sitting round 15,000 faction with the Ashen Order, then I got bored.  There was some good news to that grind though, in that Morriana dinged 57th level whilst doing the quests there.

I then headed off to The Hidden Cache off Sinking Sands.  For those who have never been there it is a very small instance where you get to kill a few names and a lot of Dervishes and Crocodiles.  It’s not really that enthralling but is good for AA and there is a very easy quest in there for a bit of additional exp.  Also with it being so short (took us only 40 mins or so) it’s a nice time filler for something to do if you can’t commit to a lengthy instance.  Whist we were there I experienced something many of my friends have mentioned, but personally (up until now) I had never been a victim to this phenomenon. I am talking about ‘hero’ mentorers (is that even a word?-Ed). Yes, we had a 70 Zerker come mentor us for this particular zone.  As his arrival was imminent the friend who had asked him to join us, was spouting fun statements like “With him here, we’ll be able to pull the whole zone!”.  Now I know level 70’s are tough, even when mentoring.  However, I think most of us who mentor still have the intelligence to realise that we simply cannot take on the mobs as if they were grey.  A slight amount of restraint is required. It would seem though that this message has not got through to everyone.

Within 2 minutes of the Zerkers arrival the party had wiped. Totally. Nothing left. We were mushed.  To be fair to the guy (or girl) who was playing the toon, then very very quickly reassessed their approach and the rest of the zone went swimmingly and was of course easier and quicker due to the 70 mentoring. So despite my comments , thanks are in order for the assisstance.  My point? I guess just a cautionary message…if you are mentoring down with your top tier toon, remember you are not invincible and do not try to show off. Your bravado may come back and bite you in the ass. At the least it is most likely going to humble you at some point.

In answer to some mails I have got and comments made in game….

Yes, I know that Killzum and Morriana are both wearing the same shiny ceremonial armour from the city merchant.

Yes, we both wear white cloaks.

Yes, we DO look very cheesy.

Yes, that was the intention.

No, I am not gay (why would it matter???!!???).

And to Fansy…(remember him? old EQ addicts let me know if you recognise the name)…

my favourite Skittle is Orange too.

Shiny..Mmmmmm!  Cheese Gromit?


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