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Mayong… little minx!

Posted by revenants on October 24, 2007

Mayong..Tough Guy

Mayong Mistmoore…Tough Guy…wearing my Dads slippers.

Mistmoore Inner Sanctum. Sounds mysterious, no?  For most experienced raiders this zone is now probably old news.  But I have only been there a few times, so the mystery and excitement value is still there.  It was quite a long night really, with highs and lows as is usual when raiding. Lows…well, I got reminded of one of the reasons that I started to get ‘raid fatigue’…the waiting around…it drives me crazy!  Of course it cannot be avoided totally with the need to sometimes swap out toons for certain fights, or when someone has to go unexpectedly and we have to wait for a replacement.  It still doesn’t stop me going a little weird while we all stand around and wait. After making myself a nice cup of rosey-lea, smoking a cigarette I am usually starting to get twitchy.  It has been known for me to move my remote mouse and keyboard well out of my reach so I don’t do something stupid just because I am bored.  Last night I had an overwhelming urge to charge a Blood Collosus….naked. No, I have absolutely no idea why. Yes, this does make me a little strange. Like I said…sometimes while waiting around, I can get a little twitchy. 

Joking aside though, I think too many afks, or 20 minute pauses has a pretty big detrimental effect on the effectivness of the raid force.  Pretty much everyone gets a little bored. They lose concentration. If it is later on in the raid and people are getting tired, the afks seem to have a huge effect on the force as a whole in it’s ability to gel as one. Reaction times and awareness of the player suffer. The ironic thing is later on in the raid, the effects of long pauses get worse…which is typically when everyone needs to be on the ball and totally alert as the nameds typically get harder further in to most raid zones.

Last night as we got to waiting to attempt Mayong, our necro had to leave due to the lateness of the hour.  They disbanded from the raid but before they left the zone they stuck around handing out hearts at the request of a few raid members. Now the only problem was, in the mean time the gap in the raid that was left after their leaving was filled.  When our standby member zoned in…our Defiler got a message saying something along the lines of “You have exceeded the total amount of players allowed in this zone. You will be removed from the zone in 5 seconds”  And so our Defiler was kicked back into the castle before they any time to do anything about it.  Obviously with the lock-out timer in place, we were all more than a little cheesed off.  Some of us knew about this zone rule (I have had it happen to me in Unrest when someone invited another in to our zone to collect their SoD statue) but unfortunately due to afks etc, we didn’t catch the problem in time.  So, our Defiler was sitting outside MMiS, the raid force was dejected and pissed off. Enter GM Galatee…hero of the hour.  Now I was under the impression that GMs will never mess with zone timers..I was wrong. GM Galatee turned up after chatting to one of our raid members and all of a sudden..pop..our Defiler was back..bloody awesome!  A HUGE thank you to GM Galatee for your time and efforts.  You saved our skin!! 

Someone made a joke comment before GM Galatee left, saying “Now if only they can just stick around to help with Mayong”…oh how I wish they had.  We only tried four times due to the late hour, but Mayong pretty much pwned us from the start. I honestly reckon we could have done it. Our DPS was certainly high enough with an average of 26K +. So what was to blame? Personally I think it was what I was talking about earlier. Fatigue, loss of concentration and tiredness.  When everyone was fresh, we decimated all the other nameds absolutely no problem at all.  When we attempted Mayong, we had just been standing around for best part of 40 minutes.  Again , no ones fault. I guess these things just happen.  We are hoping to get him next week.  I cannot see any reason why we won’t…as long as we start a bit earlier, everyone is on time and we don’t have too much time standing around. 

So I mentioned the lows…the highs? GM Galatee saving our asses, spending time with a bunch of fantastic people, Shahlai (me) being raidwide parse leader up until the last three nameds (where I slipped to fifth overall), and plenty of very useful loot for our raid force.  I had a great time. Thank you to the Elven Blades, Shahlai’s guildmates for your amazing company, helping to rid me of a little bit of ‘raid fatigue’ and of course the fun. Thank you to GM Galatee (again) for surprising us all and sorting our zone timer problem.

See you next week Mayong.

Oh btw, congratulations to Daltieri on your 59th Level. Well done mate!

Mayong getting feisty

Mayong getting feisty…the little minx…with Shahlai’s furry ears in foreground !.


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