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A Storm in Lava Cup..

Posted by revenants on November 6, 2007


Lavastorm, Old and New. 


Lavastorm as it is now called. Lavastorm Mountains of old. Yes, it’s another one of my ‘old & new’ zone reviews.  You may recall some of my comments on the new zone back in this post..but today I’m going to be looking at the ‘old’ original Lavastorm Mountains, and comparing it with the new.


As you can see from above what started off as a fairly basic zone with mountains and valleys, some of the latter filled with Lava pits…ended up as the current zone we know and love (or loathe) with separate hunting areas and several instances, dungeons and a pretty impressive vista.  Obviously the new zone is much more pleasing to the eye, but I am not going to dwell on that as that is as it should be.


Memories of the zone…well I actually have plenty. Probably the most prevalent was my first regular excursions through the zone on my way to the dungeon of  Najena.  There was some Warrior item Udrath wanted from a mob in that particular dungeon, but I’m stumped if I can recall what that was.  What stuck with me was how nasty the zone could be for one of moderately low level.  If the wandering mobs didn’t get you, then more than likely I was going to be the victim at least once, of a laggy lava death.  The very first time I zoned in to LM, I was playing my 19th level Warrior and recall zoning in to a set of higher level toons duelling (think they were, or maybe they were just hanging around) next to the zone entrance. I checked my printed out map from EQ Atlas, to make sure I was headed in the right direction for Najena, then I set off backwards, watching the higher levels admiring their armour and in particular the Rangers bow. Only to find I was dead before I knew it, having stepped backwards in to some lava!  Yes, this is where my EQ Lava hatred began!  So I thought I would try again. This time I almost made it to the Najena cave entrance, but I aggro’ed and in a blind ‘run around like a headless chicken in panic’ moment, it ended very quickly with another swim in the lava.


Comparisons…well from what I can remember the old LM was more barren but the very basic premise of The Temple of Sol being at the top with Sol’s Eye and the main Lava pit has remained.  Obviously now though, one is required to travel a whole lot further to get to Sols Eye, if you haven’t already picked up the teleporter that is.  Later on when playing my Druid, I obviously visited the zone a fair amount due to the Druid rings there, and to fight the Shadowed Men (around level 30 I think), then later to go to Sol A and Sol B. Actually have some happy memories of my groups forming up outside the Sols in the tunnels overlooking the Lava Pit of Sols Eye and the mucking about we used to do…which inevitably ended up with at least one Lava death.  One thing that always struck me a little strange about the zone was the gypsies along the west wall with whom all good characters could trade with…and who do the evil toons have to sell/trade with…that’s right…the Druid at the portal??!!?? Of course we all know the famously wonderful relationship druids have with Evil in Norrath right…*sigh*.


Overall LM was another zone that I didn’t spend a huge amount of time in..but funnily enough my most prevalent memories of the zone are the same as the current one…Oh look, there’s another place I fell in the lava..


On a completely separate note, Killzum tanked The Vaults last night in a bid to try and get Buckleton his Brigand class hat from there.  Was a load of fun and was joined by Emarald, Ysabella, Takoul, Bloodymary and Incendio.  No great problems at all throughout the zone, until we got to the end and the last named only dropped a Treasure Chest. Sometimes that’s how it is though. I think I was still spoilt from my run through Acadechism the other night where nearly every other drop, even off the trash mobs, seemed to be Ornate and even a couple of Exquisites from trash too.  So getting a Treasured from the last named cheesed me off a bit.  Yes, I am more than aware ‘greed’ is one of the Seven Deadly sins, LoL.


To finish the night off Morriana got together with Konador and they knocked out a couple of sets of sentry writs.  The effort we are both putting in to the 60 to 64 Sentry Writs is quite impressive and Revenants are already well on our way to getting our next guild level…watch this space…


Kon reckons GL60 before long, haha..Yeah, sure.







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Nothing to Do? …Immerse yourself in tier 6.

Posted by revenants on November 5, 2007

 Fist fighting

Minotaur Pugelism. Konador,  Buckleton & Daltieri get down and dirty.


It seems like it has been one hell of a hectic week here.  The reason I have no updated the posts yet?  My friends and I are currently at that great period where all of a sudden it seems that loads of our toons are all around the same level. This means that pretty much every spare moment of computer access tends to end up with me logging in to Ventrilo to shouts of  “Come on we need you!”, and getting absolutely no time to do anything else.  Of course…not that I minded!  We have had a riot pretty much all week. Every day.  You see this week we have all been lucky enough to be off work for most of the time..I dread to think how many hours collectively we have spent online.  The figures must be mind boggling.


Guild Level 23


So, what was achieved with this goodly amount of online time? Well, breaking it down very basically..Revenants hit guild level 23, Morriana hit 62, Buckleton 55, AA’s galore (still no-one at 100 though – Ed), Konador (guildie) romped from 52 through to 60 in just 4 days and also assisted Bucky and Daltieri in some Minotaur fist fighting, endless dungeoneering for all of us, SoS, Vaults, Ancient’s Table, Nest, Breeding Grounds, Writs, MoM, CoI, Klak, Basket and Box quests from Hidden Refuge, some in house duels, Acadechism, Den of the Devourer, OOB, Ivy Shrouded Orb of Tunare (first 4 quests completed) and of course more SoS!


Out of that huge amount of online achievement, what shall I talk about? What shall we discuss?  One of the things that I seem to have become a bit of a victim of this week, (which is unusual as I never really seem to have too many problems in this department) is the struggle to find interesting things to do. Did I mind? No, not one bit and I’ll tell you why later….  I honestly do think the problem is indicative of how many players experience and view the ‘50’s’.  A lot of my friends and acquaintances seem to think that from 50 to 60 is a terrible grind and that’s that! Thing is though, I hate to burst your bubble but there is simply a ton of stuff to do during any tier. Anything different and those that complain about this simply aren’t looking hard enough.  Let’s take the dreaded 50 to 60 dash.  I may be all on my own here, but this appears to me to be the most complained about tier…..and I have no idea why. This is the first tier where we had updated content and new zones in the form of Desert of Flames. So lets take a look at just a sprinkling…Quests…The whole Peacock Club line, guaranteed to keep you busy. Carpet Quests, a must for those without twinked transport, the whole Ashen Order/Disciples questlines, Courts quests and factions, bug zapping…all to name but a few.  So, plenty of quests..what about interesting zones? SS, Maj’Dul and PoF themselves..all very good zones for quests and hunting. Clefts, Shimmering Citadel, Living Tombs, Silent City to name but a few. Then there is always the Roost and The Ancient’s table. Poet’s Palace? Too right, all great great fun and xp. 


But you know what?  That’s not it! Much of the early part of the Kingdom of Sky expansion is do-able with a group of higher level 50’s especially if you manage to wheedle your way in to a Breeding Grounds group or the like.  I am not even going to get started on the quests available in T.T…way too many to mention, but think Baskets and Boxes then move on from there.


So, if there is so much to do, how come I became a victim of this phenomenon? Thing is I wasn’t alone.  If you recall I mentioned that I have spent most of the week getting dragged round by my friends and have had a fantastic time doing it.  Problem with that is though, that even though we are all very good friends both in real and game life, we are all separate entities and as such wanted to do different things at different times. So there have been times this week where we’ve all stood round wondering what to do, some complaining about the 50 to 60 run, getting frustrated.  Good thing is though, because of the plethora of good stuff to get involved in it never took us long to find something new and move on. That’s the problem when grouped you see, even with friends..we all have our own agenda and sometimes we aren’t going to be able to agree on what to do.  We are Human, and our attention spans all differ. We could have sat round and complained about the supposed ‘lack of content’ all day….but instead we got off our arses and decided to go check some out.  And you know what..….we hardly scratched the surface of content available..oh, and most importantly..we all had a really great time.


Poor content from 50 to 60?? ..a terrible grind??


Pish-Posh Sir! Immerse yourself in Tier 6!






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