An EQ2 bloggage

Who? What?


Welcome to my blog, tracking the progress of my toons through their adventures in Norrath on the Antonia Bayle server.

I am a co-guild leader of Acolytes of Valor (link to home webby for the guild on the right) a large level 80 family type guild that was formed way back when the game was released.

All characters are on the Antonia Bayle Server;

Currently played toons:

Voltaan ~ 80 Bruiser (myth)

Pikels ~ 75 Mystic

Adurj ~ 72 Dirge

Toons on the shelf for the time being:

Shahlai ~ 80 Assassin

Shadowraethe ~ 80 Necromancer

Killzum ~ 80 Guardian

Buckleton ~ 69 Brigand

Morriana ~ 71 Templar



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